Youjo Senki

What did you think about Youjo Senki?

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need more eps, I can't lewd old man soul tho

basically this guy if he was a blonde girl

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>need more eps, I can't lewd old man soul tho
heard season 2 is coming

Main character's alright.

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Light novels are amazing.

I liked it before became masturbating about communists. Before then it felt like it filled the same subgenre as Goblin Slayer but with actual progression.

I like the anime, but it doesn't hold a candle to the manga.

Visha is best girl, it's basically isekai Catch-22, and I want to rest my balls on specifically anime Tanya's DSL.

Maybe if you get mentally numb to the incredible amount of repetition of redundant information and paragraphs of text that do not tell you anything interesting or move the plot ahead.

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Literally the only good isekai since NATHAT

i think salaryman should suffer MORE

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user, it's got Aoi Yuuki screaming about butchering filthy communists

literally perfection

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That isn't a picture of Otto Skorzeny though.

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And Visha is still more organized and prepared than any normal soldier.

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