Thoughts? Opinions? Feelings?

Thoughts? Opinions? Feelings?

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Thought: Slice of pizza
Opinion: I don't need it
Feeling: I need it

the fuck is up with the gundam threads?

New Gundam out soon. They have a reason to be alive again.

He had a neat character arc in 0079. I'm not sure what was up with him becoming a journalist in the sequels.

most sane soldiers from OYW would rather leave their past as a soldier to do anything else that no longer tortured their mentality.
and then there's Bright

And an absolute stud of a journalist at that.

It was heartbreaking when Miharu died. That was the trauma that changed Kai forever and forced him to become a good person.

He was kind of a dick-ass. But he became a journalist so that makes sense.

he was 18 yo and already stuck in a war that had killed people left and right, being cranky and whining a lot about how he wanted to get away from the war is a given.

I think he's one of the best characters in the show. My opinion is that he's fun and well-written. I feel that not having him show up more in later entries was a missed opportunity, but I liked it whenever he did and his character wasn't retroactively ruined.

fun character, reminds me of corkus

none to share
none to admit

He knew about a char.

He's a cunt in the beginning but I really came around to him. Somewhat biased because I think the Guncannon he pilots is really cool.

There's a new Gundam videogame coming out (that I'm not gonna play).

All of white base other then Bright were never wanted to be soldiers
They were literally forced into it

probably the most realistic character in White Base

His hands freak me out.

it was kind of weird that he showed up for one episode in Zeta as Indian Jones.

Kai is literally the most chad character in the series.
>has a tragic love with a Zeon spy, managed to make her defect with power of love alone
>gets Bright slapped, gets his shit together
>pushes off a Zaku by sneaking behind it with a fat ass suit
>isn't a Newtype unless you count non canon books yet still kicks ass
>doesn't require some selflearning algorithm to pilot for him
>grows up to be a journalist, exposes Titan corruption wherever he goes
>figures out Quattros actual identity
>lives all the way to Unicorn