When was the last time a scene in anime or manga made you cry?

When was the last time a scene in anime or manga made you cry?

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Planetes, the chapter about Yuri and his wife

i don't remember

86. but they were totally manly tears. haha.

Seishun buta yarou when imouto's personality fucking died.

VEG, the birthday letters from the mom.

gurren lagaan and your lie in april

Full-on bitch tears

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Dai no Daibouken, when Hadlar died.

Not sure if it was the last time, but the laptop scene in yorimoi.

Angel Beats, shit was kinda sad man

wandering son made me cry into my pillow for a couple of minutes

CSM. I couldn't fucking believe I was memed into wasting a week reading that shit.

You know, it wasn't Kamina that got me, it was Kittan. It just took me by surprise and I cried like a bitch.

I don't know why this hits me so hard but near the end of Toradora, the scenes where Ryuji turns against his mother and the later scene where he makes up to her.

Just rewatched Bleach, and Ulquiorra’s death scene. Man Bleach really had some subtle poignancy and depth (especially emotionally) that aren’t really done well nowadays. To bad it was mostly dull and boring series

hit me like a truck

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uukyou in clannad after story when she was in the sun flower field.

Ponko and I don't know why.

Akashachi's death made me shed some manly tears

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Last page of SnK had me sobbing like I was 5 again. The one before Isayama added unnecesary content, that is. All in all, it was one of the most intense reading experiences I've had, and I thank the author for that.