Does this show get any better? I like it but I don’t love it like many people who grew up with it...

Does this show get any better? I like it but I don’t love it like many people who grew up with it. Just finished episode 5 of the 1992 version and it seems really simple

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Usagi and the pink one stepping on my balls

It’s only really worth watching for the sexy legs and general comfiness, the plot isn’t very interesting

I’m down for the comfiness I just don’t really care for any of Usagi close friends. Are the sailor scouts them more better?

It's a 60 chapter manga stretched out into 200 episodes, of course its simple.

Card Captor Sakura was better than Sailor Moon in every way. It's a shame that SM ended becoming the popular one because it's painfully mediocre.

>Are the sailor scouts them more better?

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A lot of the love comes down to sufficient exposure. You aren't going to love it by 5 episodes because it is as you said, rather simple. It is a comfortable show with a predictable format with charming, beautiful characters who have funny interactions. I didn't love it right away either. But by the end I did. You might not want to binge this one. I watched in bit by bit over dinner over the course of 2-3 months. I think of it more along the vein of something like Friends or Seinfeld (yes, really). It might not have anything in common with those shows on the surface but the way you come to bond with the characters seems about the same, it becomes a part of the background of life, part of your routine.

The other sailor scouts (senshi in the new dubs) are indeed, much better.

Sakura’s stubby loli legs can’t compete with the goddess that is rei
Usagi is my favourite but plenty of people prefer mina or makoto or rei. I’d say it gets slightly more interesting but it’s still largely the same formula every episode just with an additional pair of sexy senshi legs added every few episodes

OP you weren't old enough to watch it in the 90s so it's too late for you. Sailor Moon is a ripoff of the Power Rangers which was the most popular kids show in the world at the time. Sailor Moon is made for the children demographic. People who review shows always seem to forget to factor in the demographic it was made for. It was not made for grown ass men/women, so of course you're not going to like it.

If you're an anime aficionado then Sailor Moon should be studied for historical purposes. For better or worse it permanently changed the magical girl genre and it along with other Toonami shows made anime popular in the west.

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the first season is real cool—especially if you skip past the filler eps. the art style and framing is pretty top-notch and it's funny how much of a loser whiny baby usagi is at all times despite being the lead.

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I enjoy kid stuff well enough. Why else would I like hololive? Like I said before I like the show, I just don't love it. But there's something I have to say for your comment. This show has aged far better than power rangers did. The characters are way better acting as kids and it doesn't have the tacky acting.

This is what I was thinking of doing too so thank you for answering. My favorite thing about this series so far is the animation style. It looks like it was all done with crayon and it looks beautiful. Have you ever seen an instagram page for people who capture The Simpsons cities and locations? Sailor Moon is just like that but it's so good as it's drawn.

I'm glad you said that it feels like Friends because I had to change my mind completely after the first episode. This show completely feels like a zatsudan done in hololive and when you get that mindset the show turns better. It's a shame the action sucks but I'm really cool with the comedy

Who cares about ami post the other more attractive ones

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What does it smell like

As far as S1 goes, it starts to hit it's stride after the first cour I would say. By then you have Rei and Ami developed and balancing out Usagi - they really figure out the best way to balance the episodic plots with SOL scenarios and the intrigue of the ongoing narrative, and they introduce the next two senshi at the best times to keep things interesting. Then the finale is among the best in any TV anime, it's way more intense than you would expect. The show really deserves it's status, not just for historical reasons. As mentioned, it looks gorgeous as well, 90s Toei shoujo directors were powerful.

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>Usagi is my favourite but plenty of people prefer mina or makoto or rei
Ami is cursed by her own perfection
>filthy rich
>kind and reserved
>not violent like her friends
She's probably the only yamato nadeshiko in anime who doesn't get any love. You know damn well if Ami got Rei's appearance she would be the most loved magical girl to ever exist.

Sailor Moon didn't live up to my childhood nostalgia. The only season I found watchable was the SuperS season. The one with that pedo pony guy. This show didn't age well and like was mentioned earlier, it wasn't made for grown ups.

>I enjoy kid stuff well enough.
I get the feeling that Sailor Moon was made for very young kids (i.e., toddlers). Like the age where you think Power Rangers is cool. Its plot is too simplistic and repetitive. It was designed for quantity over quality.