When are we getting more Evangelion?

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Hopefully never

KawoAsu-roastie thread. Sage and ignore.

Kaworu and Asuka look so good together


Are you going to autistically bump this thread every time it's minutes from the bottom of page 10 for several days again?

Aesthetic as fuck

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I'll take that as a yes.

mental illness thread

Hopefully never. This fanbase is filled with fat spics that will never know the touch of a woman.

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Anno is done with it.

What about Asuka and mass produced Kaworus?

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You should already know that Emily is autistic enough for that and more

My thoughts exactly.


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sadly anno states otherwise.

literally who

Yes, but he is also giving it over to new directors.

>implying anyone but Anno can make giant depressing robots work

Her mom is hotter.

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