Elf thread

Elf thread.
Thread about elves.
Post elf.

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When is Yuri going to give in to the elf girl cocks?

New chapter when?

You think she ever will? It's been building up for like 5-6 chapters now.

One day she'll just devour one and all hell will break loose

I just wanna know why AV-san suddenly went from circumcised in her previous appearance to uncircumcised in the latest chapter.

Fat elves x dick elves when?

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Imagine Mara's cock rubbing against Kuroeda's fat asscheeks.

I'm more of a goatfucker, Allah be praised.

elves should be FLAT

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I think you mean elves should have PHIMOSIS

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It's more a why aren't the elves raping Yuri all day long?
There's no way her being around isn't driving them all insane.

We survived the dry August. In theory he will start working on it again sometime this month

She has to sever all ties with her family, friends, school etc because once she accepts the life of a futa breeding sow she won't have time for anything else.

I want to have sex with flat brown elves

sauce pls

I think all of that was implied when she accepted to go to futa elf world in the first place
Yuri is just really slow

>Mara fucking Erufuda
>her foot long shaft plunging into Erufuda's pussy
>Erufuda's fat ass quaking with each thrust, the sound of Mara's balls slapping her buttcheeks
>Mara grabbing Erufuda's belly and Erufuda squeaking form embarrassment when she does

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>my armor does not protect my vital organs

-15 defense +20 charm