Dragon Ball Super

this is Goku and his wife
they love each other

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This is Gamma.

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I almost vomited looking at that photo

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They actually don't.

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Gamma again.

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THIS is Bardock... Not whatever time travel bullshit they did to him...

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kek this. One thing I love about Toriyama is how he's been low-key redpilling his teenage audience on the realities of marriage.

The 3 GODS.

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I actually like the way it was done in a fanfiction where Chi-Chi started crying because she figured goten would become strong like his father and he would attract villains which is why goku chose to stay dead.

of jobbing.


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What will they wish for?

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>Immediately get hit with a memory of my mom giving me nesquik to drink when I was like 5
Fuck bros...

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...Nail, Kami and Piccolo, along with Tien and Bejita.

this is Gohan and his mom
they love each other

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>the spamming rat was a tourist rat

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I came in that nesquik btw.

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God, Toriyama does know how to draw a despicable fucking hag. He must know from personal experience.

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>goes super Saiyan

No wonder it tasted so good!

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Chi-Chi? Belongs to Pui-Pui.

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Grandpa blasted a tarte au chocolat upon my non-canon, spin-off sequel face.
Grandpa shotgunned an almond fudge splat on my boring, un-eventful, un-interesting, badly designed characters face.

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This is how Chi-Chi looks in canon, they don't call her Ox for nothing.

I am SO fucking handsome.

K, b, c. VNR btw.

I dunno who this Pui-Pui guy is, but if he's makin' you happy then that's great!

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I don't know about all that...

... but I do know one thing: Gohan is the strongest.

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We know son kun.

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Towa...my queen.


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Never kissed

WWYD if you were Videl?

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Bejitabro btw.

Kiss Cocoa

He doesn't look smug here, he looks like he came and farted at the same time but it's a sensation he enjoys and he's certain nobody else realises what he's just done.

Murder that ho and make it look like an accident.

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What is that FILTH on the bottom right???

Strongest fighter btw

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My favorite show
Bejitabro btw

Say something nice about Toyotaro and the poster above me please

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Does anyone have that image of Goku sucking Gohan's duck in the time chamber?
I remember I showed it to a friend and he got fucking pissed.

He looks like a fucking caveman.