You won the duel, user

You won the duel, user.
Which card would you take from Alexis?

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Her virginity card

Her cardiac valve



Made for rape, impregnation, forced paizuri.

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I just hope that beauty isn't a trap card

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bold of you to assume I get the chance to duel yet another female yugioh character that loses all relevancy past the first arcs of the show


That's because shes too busy fucking me in the girls dorms.

Cyber Angel Benten
It's one of the few viable cards in her deck

Uno Reverse Card

Big tits, big ass, wide hips, meaty thighs, and a defined tummy
If you dislike any of these things you're a faggot

We'll see about that. Check it.

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so close

Please. Allow me.

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Fate has granted me Alexis. I shall enjoy her to the fullest.

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Between her breasts

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Why is she so perfect bros?

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