Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 32 part 3


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3 threads bleach chads we keep winning

Bring back Ghost Misogynisto
Icefaggot can kiss off

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ohh now i remember his story

Her goal is Aizen's dick

>Las Noches minecraft server
Szayel is either the admin or he's building dupers.

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Sad twist tbqh


She succeeded
Momo is a lucky girl, btw

that zoomer shit is Gillian tier

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what do ulquiorra does on the server

His growth stopped right here with all that damage didn't it

25 uses of the word "wife" in the 1st thread
15 uses of the word "wife" in the 2nd thread

I get it, so his growth stopped early on because his reiatsu peaked so early.

Lucky icefag



He keeps trying to build a heart but everyone always ends up destroying it either by accident or on purpose. Thats why he keeps asking orihime to show her the heart.


>you will never get a facefull of Rangiku's tits
Why even live?

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>mfw I finally realized the whole thing with White-Zangetsu and Ichigo

The dude literally played as a demon within his soul just so Ichigo would git gud and be motivated, but still always protected him and cared, even if Ichigo literally hated him and wanted nothing with him.
The sheer irony with the whole old man calling how "lmao Ichigo see Kenpachi and how he doesn't trust his sword at all?
>ichigo doing it himself

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Death by boob press

>waifufaggot counter

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He's too busy with his VNs to bother with it.

Soul Society would just start repairing everything. That would piss them off more than anything.

Rude whore
I feel like everyone in Soul Society BUT Gin and Hitsugaya fucked her.

is this a ritualpost or a copypasta or something

obaba ;_;

no, just posted it in the last thread. I'm legitimately sad

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>three threads
We're back kino bros

BOOBS, mark it on the bingo.

Fucking Karen
No wonder Gin abandoned her, he dodged a bullet