Gets a bun's bum all to himself

>gets a bun's bum all to himself
>proceeds to eat her
Was he gay? Why didn't he fuck Haru?

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>user fucks his chicken before eating it
It's well established in Beastars that carnivores are inhumanely strong, to where one guy gets his arm ripped off by pure accident.

He did. Eating animals in their world is a metaphor for rape.

I want to eat her alright

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So they never do it rough? What a lame universe

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I am incredibly horn now

So Riz raped the Tem?

Did she die?

As if

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didnt she enjoy being raped?

Season 3 in 2024...

If you're gonna eat your prey, you don't fuck it. Your juices will still be in there, and it's gay to drink your own cum.

Knowing Haru, if he had kidnapped her to fuck her she'd be game, if only Chief Lion didn't go full gay

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Eh, not really.

It's more about giving into your basic instincts versus being civilized. It's why America is falling apart. Half want to be able to do whatever they want with women, strongest of the fittest (actually the wealthiest) and go back to days of Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, and Vanderbilt (ruled entirely by oligarchs). The latter don't want to.

It's funny seeing animals acting like animals which is basically acting like humans. In a metaphorical sense, we "eat" each other all the time. When you buy something cheap from another country that they get paid by slave labor or fruit/vegetables you need to survive picked by a minority that everyone hates on. We're no more civilized than those on this show.

>could've used the same technique to defeat him
I need fanart of this

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Season 3 never..

So they rape with their dicks

>>user fucks his chicken before eating it
find me a chicken with that body and I'll fuck it alright


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