Which one is better from a romance standpoint?

Which one is better from a romance standpoint?

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nagatoro is better in every way


True romance is cucking Uzeki and her father with Uzeki's mom

Nagatoro, Uzaki is getting boring for me

Nagatoro obviously, boobs are disgusting.

checked and kek'd

Both are awful, but Uzaki is less of a whore and Sakurai is less of a loser.

Uzaki is more fun.


What lingo is this? Twitter? Discord? Anyway, go back.

I think nagatoro is better because she is presented originally as an "it" girl at the school but over time you see she's a dork and gets bullied

You and Nagatoro and Uzaki

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Uzaki and Nagatoro tongue-kissing

There's more slow build up in Nagatoro, its more balanced between the two while in Uzaki, Uzaki sets up most of the romance while Sakurai gets over his complex.
Balanced flirting > one sided shit.

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What buildup? Nagatoro liked Senpai in the first chapter, and Senpai crumbled early on. Sakurai and Uzaki only just began dating.

The right, because there's nothing romantic about the television series yet and it's nice to just have a title about bickering friends who end up in wardrobe malfunctions once in a while rather than a romance.
>But, but it's clearly romantic because they sleep in the same bed and are opposite sex. That makes it romantic because I'm a virgin incel and I can't interact platonically with girls.

Weird example. If you're sleeping in the same bed with a woman, but sex is off the table, you're in a very stupid situation.

Uzaki actually feels like a romance, Nagatoro is just straight comedy.

Gamo's Gamos

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I'd honestly say neither of them are all that romantic.
I do like both of them, but neither really have spent any significant amount of time working on building a lasting relationship or getting to know the other person.

Not that user, but for experience i can't say that you're right.
When I was younger (18) i slept with my best friend (girl) and I haven't been bold enough to make any move. She had a boyfriend at the times and I was afraid she could reject me in the worst or to lose her.
Now it comes the good part, years passed and I kinda "lost" her anyway, because life brings you on different paths and I can't help to feel like a total spineless idiot when i think at that night.

So no, be platonic with the opposite sex it's a fuckin bullshit, you have to try, always to have no regrets.

And srry for my english, I'm tired. Btw nagatoro is better