Fuck, Marry, Kill

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It’s fuck marry and reject, killing would result in prison rot for the rest of your days

Kill, kill and kill then marry and fuck Ranma

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Where did all these Latin American posters come from?

There's an entire continent full of them.

What if he turned back into a guy before copulation?

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Why can't you marry all 3 of them? Separately they seem like flawed wives but combined they would be the ultimate harem.

Still getting the dick

>Fuck Shampoo, Marry Akane, Kill Ukyo

Fuck Shampoo
Marry Ukyo
Ignore Akane, she's not even worth killing

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Normally I'd agree with this, but as a fan of the manga/show, I know too much and that wouldn't pan out.

You think Shampoo is clingy before being fucked, imagine her after. It would be either marry her or fight to the death. So that leaves Akane to fuck even though I know she'd be awful in bed. But at least she wouldn't cling to you afterwards. Just bitch and bitch like she normally does.

>That episode where Akane breaks into a million pieces like a looney tune
That woke up so many things in me as a wee lad.

Yes, correct order.

Reminder, don't stick your dick in crazy.

Fuck Shampoo,marry Shampoo,kill Shampoo.

Ryoga included desu?

He comes as a package deal with Ukyo.

based, rumiko was retarded not to ship them

Kill Shampoo, fuck Akane, marry Ukyo.

>rumiko was retarded not to ship them
To be fair, the shipping costs were astronomical.

the bubble burst like Shinzo Abe's lungs

>the boy is best girl

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