Is anime/manga guaranteed to turn you into a lolicon?

Is anime/manga guaranteed to turn you into a lolicon?

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No. Some turn you into a fag.

lolis stopped being good after the early 2000s

sadly no, as some pathetic individuals on this site show

Only some anime like Kunoichi Tsubaki or Wataten.

if you're not a faggot, yes

Only if you're super straight.

it sort of does. but also made me develop a thing for milf, cakes and loli babas.

Well user, I wasn't a lolicon when I started watching anime and I still don't consider myself one, but for some reason I find it more entertaining to watch an anime or manga that has lolis in it.

watching anime alone won't, watching anime and interacting with Any Forums will

>le old is... LE GOOD
>le new is... LE BAD
this argument is extremely compelling, I'm instantly changing my mind

Why did Spike do it?

I don't really remember having any aversion to loli before I got into it. I don't even remember how it started but I know there was a time when I wasn't interested in it, at the very least didn't seek it out.

This I watched anime long before Any Forums, stuff with lolis too. Within like months of browsing Any Forums I'm fapping to quzilax and texthooking Musumaker

i've been watching anime and reading manga since i was 17 and i still sincerely hope that all "lolicons" aka pedophiles (including the ones in this thread and board) kill themselves as soon as possible.

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Lolis are a meme

>i've been watching anime and reading manga since i was 17
Wow one whole year

Damn Penis-head-looking brat!

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Suicide is for trannies so don't expect me to do it.

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June more like.

I too hope that "uohhh cunnychads" spammer ironic lolicons kill themselves

>Wow one whole year
y-yeah... totally user, totally...
if only. i'd seriously change my life if i could go back. i'm 34

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