Do you like romances with dense characters?

Do you like romances with dense characters?

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Fuck no, this is why nips will be extinct by 2100. I watched a whisker away the other day and the main girl declaring her love in the first minute of the film was truly refreshing.

No, I don't like watching that garbage.

Yes, I love it.

Maybe the real reason for this cliche is deep down the viewers just hope they too were that oblivious and someone loves them despite them not seeing it. I mean obviously it's just a fantasy but that'd explain its popularity.

No. When two people are mutually attracted in real life they usually get together as quickly as possible.

>eh?! it is true that i have seen girl-chan naked and ive touched her privates and ive landed on her crotch multiple times and i made her orgasm that one time by grinding against her and she "accidentally" fell that one time and sucked my cock but... theres no way she likes me r-right?!

I don't see even one of those characters being female. Why is that?

It's your latent homosexuality.

>dense retards
>happy go lucky retards
>bland featureless guy that every female falls in love with
The bane of japanese media

It's from either Tumblr or Twitter. 150% guaranteed homo.

you find the same shit in all of media, retard


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This joke is a subtle

Your description is genuinely interesting, draw it


I've been a dense retard IRL so yes. It's mostly due to self-esteem issues and most my life people just being nice to get something out of me so if someone legitimately likes me I dont have a clue unless they tell me straight up. On that note, I don't get the deal with 'hints' in the first place. It's fine when you're a kid and teen but as an adult why waste time playing guessing games?

No, because 9/10 times it will just be the same joke repeated over and over so that the author can milk the story forever.
There is only one manga where the dense character hooks up with the main girl and I forgot what it is called.

Season 2 fucking when Doga Kobo you fuckers.

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Love Hina ruined romance for a generation of autists

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No because it just reminds me of all the times I was too insecure and socially retarded to pick up on women who were throwing signals at me and how I'm now old and alone.

Yes bonus points if they're not interested at all regardless

Sorry what was that, OP? Some fireworks just went off. Mind remaking the thread?

They’re ok depending on the execution and context.

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Considering it's pretty much the only kind of romance story that gets made these days, no.

What a Chad!