Kuroiwa Medaka ni Watashi no Kawaii ga Tsuujinai

How comes every single girl in this series completely mogs the lead heroine? She is fucking awful and I hope she doesn't win. I don't even care who else wins as long as it's not Mona.

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Only 1 is better than her
From left to right
>not that cute
>actually better than Mona
>used goods
>short haired dyke
Your statement is wrong

All of them are shit except Minami

Minami is SEX

>She is fucking awful and I hope she doesn't win. I don't even care who else wins as long as it's not Mona.
You seem really confused, user. Mona is the main character. Her winning Medaka with her charms is the point of the manga. It's like Naruto becoming Hokage.

>athletic and devoted
>scheming and supportive
>mischievious and assertive
>borderline yandere
While mona is calculating and manipulative. The MC also sucks arse.

>The MC
That would be Mona, not Medaka.

Nta but seeing Mona become the cuck queen before getting her prize at the end will be fun. Right now it's just Asahi but it's only a matter of time before the other 3 start craving monk dick too

I'd consider Asahi one of the least fuckable girls, but one of the more entertaining.
The gruffness is pretty endearing

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Once upon a time, shounen romances had rivals for the lead. But the newer audiences hate the concept so much, that they basically never do any more. This manga is only getting away with it because the lead is a girl for once, so it's ok to give her rivals for her love.

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For me it's:
Minami > Mona > Tomo > Haruno > Asahi

>That Mona

hm, in my case
Minami > Haruno > Tomo > Asahi > Mona

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Mona is such an awful character I'm convinced only other scheming bitches could like her.

You couldn't be more right, based taste user.


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Really weird how the world is now full of cucks but otaku uncucked themselves of the brainwash

This is a Min/a/mi board after all.

Asahi has a pig nose and she's flat. Bummer, really.

>and she's flat

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For me
Tomo > Mona > Minami > Haruno > Asahi
I like confident girls.

Because they all are allowed to have their own looks, quirks and personality. Despite the slow pacing this manga is amazing.

sod it, I'll dump

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op next
then this

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Medaka's a real softie

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I wonder who has less shame, Tomo or these guys?
Also, Medaka finally gave someone a low-ish score

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based medaka giving 6 to the thot

alright, the wingmen are out of the way, time for the main heroines to step up

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I hope she fails and tangles herself all up in her rope.

>Medaka giving lower scores to lewd behavior
Maybe Haruno will win after all