Turn A Gundam

First half is a 10/10 second half is a fucking mess. What Happened?

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First half is a 10/10 second half is also a 10/10. Nothing happened.

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This anime is as incomeptent as Fateful Findings, Samurai Cop, the Room and all the other incompetent films you can think of but people don't seem to see it.
this seems to happen a lot with Tomino wors, Tomino-stans just drool in front of the screen for 50 episodes and the call whatever they watched kino.

the best gundams have nothing to do with Tomino. Origins, Thunderbolt, 08th Ms team, 0080.

The show should've been 26 eps, cut lot of the fat cuz the biggest problem with the show is whole lot of nothing happening vs 26 eps could do 13 on earth and 13 in space and be tightly put together.

>the best gundams have nothing to do with Tomino. Origins, Thunderbolt, 08th Ms team, 0080.
Those are good too. But tomino makes the best gundams no matter how you slice it.

It's pure kino -- so is the soundtrack.

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Did this show have something to do with the 2000s trap boom?

Maybe people would begin to see it if you could articulate how better than "one scene transition looks weird" and "one animator drew a scene badly" instead of making copypaste non-arguments all the time. Guess we all have to remain unenlightened forever since you refuse to share your great insight

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now extend the scene 5 seconds and add subtitles, it's extremely hilarious when shady dude goes right after doing this ''looks like someone is killing traitors!" as he fades into the background like some saturday morning cartoon villain
also Loran going ''what happened to her?" I don't know man she just stopped moving and has a big hole in her head, I think she might be dead

I add that the scene on the left works much better than the scene on the right. because everyone reacts normally and the dude and it's used for different effect, the dude shooting is being highlighted, everyone knows he is the one who shot instead:
>some shady dude is lurking
>bitch comes at loran
>loran judo slams her
>shady due 360 no scopes the bitch in the middle of the slam
>Loran stares at a dead body with big hole in its head and goes ''what happened? teteht san!"
>everyone buries teteth san and no questions asked
>shady dude goes like a saturday morning cartoons villain who just did something bad ''looks like someone did something bad!"

this is ignoring the terrible context for the episode but this scene alone is enough the entirety of Turn A is like this. Along side with cardboad cutout characters and everything else you can expect from an incompetent show.

Thunderbolt and 08th MS Team are literally just Hollywood schlock with animation and Japanese VAs.

>shady dude nails a woman from 5 metres
>this is somehow less realistic than noscoping a jumping guy from 500 metres

Also look at the dude, after taking the shot he sat there waiting for the 2 to finnish conversing and then we cut to him and he just looks around onimously to check if no one is watching and slides behind the Gundam cockpit as if no one gonna see him.
the sense of time and space is all fucked up, none of this feels like it actually exists none of this feels real.

Left is kino due to great active but not erratic camera motion and rich staging, but right is completely fine. Tomino was doing his best work in the 80s with Kogawa and his students though, no doubt.

shady dude wanted to be stealthy. he chooses to make his kill form 5 meters away and then just slides away as if he is in a stealth videogame, if people don't see him they forget he exists.
and he actually doesn't exist, he is not drawn next to the Gundam until we cut him, because he does not exist when we are not looking at him.

500 meter scope requires you to suspend your belif once, Turn A is a torrent of suspending beleif after suspending beleif and continuty error galore, I doubt you could take any of this seriously if you are not watching it while drooling.

*until we cut to him

He understands that she's dead and that there's a big hole in her forehead. The confusion comes from HOW that has occurred from a mere judo throw. The 'shady dude' is supposed to be like a KGB handler. The characters don't see each other because vision was obstructed due to flour/smoke obstructing vision. The problem with this is the artists fucked up and forgot the smoke after she gets shot.
Shadyman cannot see what's happening because of the smoke which he states, he creeps close enough to shoot, then he sneaks away

So shady man not only 360 no scoped a moving target bullseye in the head but he did without vision? is shady man a cyborg super solider or what?

I still think Diane and Soleil switching was such a retarded plot point and I have no idea how it worked. I mean not particularly for me but it's so dumb how well Soleil was able to handle Diane role so well.

In interviews Tomino noted that Turn A had far less micromanaging than his earlier shows, where he would act dictatorial. It’s notably the show he loves because the experience was fun as he let individual staff members just do their own thing more. Did he even board that episode? Because he didn’t edit all the other episode directors boards to the same degree he would have on Ideon.

He got close enough to obtain vision.
And luckier shots have been made in real life. Ever heard of the magic bullet?