Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 32

With the return of the anime this october, it's a good idea to always have the whole work somewhat fresh in your mind going into the ending arc, and to that end I will storytime the manga (alonside some extras) until the end of fullbring, and then point out things in the adaption as it is happening, to form a better informed view of the manga, for me and (You).
Now let's start volume 32: The Howling
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A day at the amusement park with Lilynette.

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anyone here read bleach


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why would you say that

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Ya, just now

Never heard of it

No this is the Jujutsu Kaisen thread.

>Struggles with his win rate

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>Let's go somewhere empty, Grimmjow

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>We need an even more big empty space to fight without hurting anyone
Where do they go? A Biden rally? A showing of morbius?


Ichigo stop breaking the backgrounds, Kubo spent a lot of time painting them white.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer

insecure fag

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fer shur, b. Beast of a manga, never heard of it

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>Do not be afraid, little pocket pussy for my husband. He shall triumph.

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No this is 100% Strawberry.

I like this casual Bankai

I can't even imagine Ichigo losing..

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>I can't even imagine ichigo losing
Even though you just healed a fatal chest wound

cute wife...

I'm here for Kubo Katwalk

>teleport to Momo fans room

It's 50% Death 50% Strawberry

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Marked for the bingo card.

Cope the page.