Lock your niche interest behind a monthly paywall

>Lock your niche interest behind a monthly paywall
>Incredibly protective of "their" work
What the fuck is their problem?

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They took the new Asanagi book
Fuck them
Where can I read their translation for free?

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I don't know what that is. My hobby is watching anime & reading manga pirated from Japan.

they did what?

is this the one where the goblins rape what they think are elves, but when they finish the girls reveal themselves to be succubi and start draining the gobbos until they cum to death

>What the fuck is their problem?
they're jewish


Is there anywhere that actually has their translations?

If you're that interested in it, you'll find where to get it for free. Or, you know, buy shit.
Learn Japanese and buy the real physical magazines like the normies in japan do.

you'd think they'd be interested in subverting as many people as possible with porn

Hat's are too small.

Japanese dont pay $50s/h for a $5 tankoubon

Fuck off newfag


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Just download it on nyaa

I dont think nyaa has fakku content anymore

is it actually true that they monopolised the content that you wont find elsewhere?


Oh duh

Still waiting for Ronna's last work

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