Was it brilliant or brainlet?

Was it brilliant or brainlet?

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it was autism

Not great, not bad... It was good.

Pretentious garbage

it was schizo

It was good, but Konaka made better stuff after it.

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It was brilliant
I'm trans btw

This part of the opening has been stuck in my head for years. The way he was seen as a weak pathetic digimon and then proceeds to become Beelzemon and trash on everyone was awesome

I think it's unintentionally badly executed, and people think it's meant to be like that on purpose. It feels more like the work of an amateur than an author purposely trying to be weird and awkward.

That's how I felt as well.

I thought it had some coherence up until the aliens and then god. I think God was just meant to metaphorically further represent her internal struggle but because of the poor execution God just became a separate entity and just a villain.

it was good until trannies made lain their idol

What the hell are you talking about? She didn't seem trans at all.

it was fun. i love the aesthetic and feel it has, plot kinda goes to shit for a while, but i still enjoyed it

for some reason trannies are obsessed with lain. dont ask me, i have no idea

>I'm trans btw
What is it about lain that attracts ppl like you?

>Sees awkward nerdy girl
>OMG she's just like me!

Lain is bae

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That just makes the show look pretentious & unintentionally woke. Trannies are pathetic & soul less.

same with tomoko

it was mid

I think it's more like the rough first draft of what Konaka would go on to do more successfully elsewhere. The Big O's twist, the D-Reaper arc, etc. touch on similar themes of humanity and technology in a more focused way.