Harem of girl

>harem of girl
>one girl is clearly superior
What even is a point of harem then?

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Who is of the harem? Girl!?

*harem of girls

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The rest of the girls are there to keep her company for when she's pregnant and gets moody
They also serve as cumrags when the main girl is out of it

Hell yeah
Also harem for milk money out of reader

That makes sense.

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how she better??
has Any Forums sunk so low and contrarian that basic bitches get more attention over something with more flavor?

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that's odd, your statement is correct but you seem to have posted the wrong girl by accident

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I have posted correct best girl.

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Because MC and the rest want each other, retard.

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>harem of girls
>worst one always wins
Why do harem MCs always have shit taste?

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No user, you are the shit taste.

But best girl won!

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didn't they all win

Others were consolation prizes.

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>one girl is clearly superior

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Anal sluts are trash!

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That's something only a virgin would say

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Anal only works in porn.
Vaginal creampies is what best girls love.

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