Do we care about Index now?

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Only her body

Never stopped, pleb

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Instead of constantly sexualizing middle schoolers and kids maybe they should of had touma and the gang grow older over the span of 50 fucking volumes

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the author already said that he doesnt wants to change the relationships the characters have



no, not really.


So he keeps adding more.

classic hack behavior

I have always wanted to have sex with Index.

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I see, Index x Shiage. Very nice.

i dont believe any artists would do Shitdex porn other than out of pity

Misaki a pile of shit


Is there a girl in Raildex who isn't? The only ones who might not be are Uiharu and Otohime, and even then Uiharu is questionable and Otohime hasn't had enough screentime to prove or disprove she's a shit.

Has he drawn porn of index on his hidden account yet?

She’s Gonna be Toumas endship, that’s her only use

Same. I really want to lick her armpits and legs.

it will never cease to be amusing how Kamachi thought windmills inside a city would be a good idea for energy generation


How is it a hidden account if people know it exists

His pawoo? It's not really hidden and it's just random lolis.

he had a bunch of ginpatsu naked lolis that you can find in gelbooru
he probably has more hardcore stuff stashed, maybe even "reference material"


That chick with the vampire magnet blood I think.