Say something nice about her

say something nice about her

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mommy gimme milk

She's sharing the wealth

She has big tits.


Wasn't she a Hololive mama?

If nothing else, she keeps the "big" in her own territory of "big"
So it's ultimately reasonable sized on the chars

What does this mean for Norio?

>big tits
i'll be the judge of that. what's her cup size?

>A girl with big tits
He can't say that about her, that's sexist

Right what you know.

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But is it an incest manga?

god i love big tits.

My girlfriend has bigger tits so I'm not really impressed, but I can agree in Japan this could be considered "big" or even "huge"

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Big tits are nice

She had videos showing off her stomach it was hot af. She erased almost everything in her account when after she announced she was getting married, she also does vtubing aside from being a mangaka.

and trans exclusionary

>July 15 2016
that your gf?

What series?

say something nice about this brocon

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Kek. You have much to learn

Enough said, thread closed

That isn't Yuzuki N Dash

no, that's the photo he got phished with

>Female mangaka author of manga