Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Rumba Rap > Ringo > Rumba > Bure
This is a fact. Also, SZS thread because why not

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>the laugh 7 years from now was 6 years ago

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Maybe it is in one year. We should hope or despair
So anons:
>Best Opening?
>Best Girl?

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sex with kitsu chiri

what about normal sex with Nami?

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Sucks that I don't see the shaft rotation as much as before now that I've finally read SZS

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so normal...

Bure > all
you fucking nigger

Umm, no actually it was yesterday. Fuck off trying to make me feel old.

still laughing at how you niggers didnt account for leap years and did it on the wrong day

its a scientific fact rumba rap is better negro

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Rumba > Ringo > Bure also Chiri is so cute!

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Chiri a best

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>not an endless circle tier
I fucking detest all of you holy shit.

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post the gif all you want, what I say is the truth

I still absolutely adore that Marina Inoue draws Don Patch

I love how mentally unstable Yuu Kobayashi is. She is love

It's more like Rumba > Bure > Ringo

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kobayuu is a treasure

Marionette is best