Gatekeeping Anime

it is not easy, but it is your duty

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Fuck off you underage faggot. Nobody gives a shit.

Looking at the current state of Any Forums I would say it's far too late for any gatekeeping.

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I laugh at faggots who think they can have a single shred of influence over controlling the popularity of anime from their parents' basement.

By gatekeeping I hope you mean not allowing shounen or isekai threads because dear lord are they a plague on the board

too bad it doesnt work
source: the absolute state of Any Forums

Why gatekeep when you can just be insufferable as a community to the point where nobody wants to even approach the gate?


no, it's a jewish plot to keep you away from doing actually important things

Yeah, it worked so well the almost last two decades for this site, right. And before you say "Any Forums is the board that changed the least", you're wrong.

The purpose of "gatekeeping" is to filter people out that don't mesh with the community's culture, which, in Any Forums's case, are largely comprised of hostile pricks. If you filter out people who aren't pricks, all you have left are pricks, or at least people who have to adopt a more cynical tone to be more "in line" with the established community.

Sounds like a resounding success to me.

Gatekeeping doesn't work, the people obsessed with it wasted years of their life on a pointless fools errand setting themselves up for crushing disappoint

It's better than the rest of the site.
Letting in Shounenspics was definitely a mistake, though.

Better filled with pricks than retarded spicroaches, niglets, and braindead sheep. A couple of pricks can still have a conversation and even civil argument, but there's no reasoning with retards. Anyone who can't handle some mean words on the internet should go and stay go.

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>It's better than the rest of the site
no thanks to the gatekeeping
rather its because the board is over moderated by a lot compared to the blue Any Forumss

>It's better than the rest of the site.
Yeah it is, but is that because of gatekeeping, or is it because of moderation and containment threads?

>gatekeeping Any Forums
Doable and has been done with Any Forums, it still is in place even if some people think otherwise
>gatekeeping anime
As in not allowing studios to outsource their work to gooks? I guess that's possible if you are japanese, deep in the industry, loaded, and stuff like that. But the most probable case is that you don't know what you are talking about.

having a community in the first place is a sign of failure

>bruh, just delete threads at random
what are you smoking, the moderation is NOT particularly good aside from deleting pepe which is fair I guess but that's it.

Trannies, feminists, niggers and communist faggots will poison and destroy all shows you love.

You’re the one that needs to be kept outside the gate. True elitism is apppreciating the true qualities of the meduim and making clear cut seperation between shallow entertainment (moeshit) for the lowest common denominator (you) and actual worthwhile anime.

seriously how are you gonna pretend to gatekeep when you’re on the same side as redditors and anitubers? They all consume moeshit and engage in waifufaggotry. you know what they don’t like? Ashita no Joe

Here's how YOU can help gatekeep the anime community!
–Go to your local anime convention or club.
–Find any people you suspect of not being REAL otaku! They tend to have one or more of the following traits:
>attractive female
>likes the kind of anime you liked when you first got into anime
>not white or asian
>fills you with an envy that you project onto them as an undue superiority complex
–Walk up to these people and quiz them on Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It doesn't matter that you haven't actually seen it either; you know about it, and that's what REALLY counts.
–If that doesn't faze them, simply talk lasciviously about lolicon until they walk away. Success! You are now alone with your anime! Enjoy a lifetime of seething over how the fandom evolved instead of occifying in the state it was when you still felt life within yourself!

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You lack so much self awareness.

Based Ken Akamatsu won't let that happen!

Ok mauritanian don't you have to spam some other thread now

I googled this and it doesn't seem to be a real word
But that sounds based, thanks for the advice

Hating on Shounen is the sure tell tale sign of someone who has no critical thinking skills and only hates things Any Forums tells them to hate.
A true elitist knows that shounen is not the enemy, even the most milque toast pf shounen still manages to be infinitley more interesting than moeshit, isekai, romcoms and all other kinds of cancer that pleague anime.
Shounens like Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Devilman, Getter Robo are influential and some of the best anime has to offer.

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He meant ossifying, he doesn't know English.

Thanks itoddler I will now help spam /dbs/ threads it was that easy

watch more anime

And less moeshit