Jujutsu Kaisen

Itadori...you really were the Jujutsu Kaisen all along!

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*fucks your dad*

>''No, I don't want that!"
>"I want to be remembered as a good person!"
>"For 10 yeara, at least!"

Kenjaku being a literal brain implies there must be others with techniques that allowed them to become a body part.

... Penis sorcerer & heart sorcerer when?

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>Let's make a vinding vow, sorcerer
>Become my pussy, and we'll have a lot of sex!

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The literal conclusion to "go fuck yourself"

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Bros, I want to fuck Kirara in the ass so bad I'm gonna go mad

we know hakari

Don't let the thread die, Jujutsubros. I have faith in you.

At the earliest leaks will be at some point tomorrow, a slow burn thread isn't necessarily bad

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The plausibility is questionable but God I hope Mahito ends up merging with Nobara

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It puts into question how uzumaki functions though, if Mahito during his transfiguration of Nobara's eye, split off a miniscule version of himself and instructed that version to crawl up Nobara's eye and into the brain, would it fall with Mahito proper when Mahito consumed him?

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That seems insanely unlikely though.
I want Nobara to come back as Nobara.

Oh I want her back aswell, but I feel like a power struggle would make for a fun character study. Give her a nerfed version of transfiguration that she can apply to her nails, but she has to fight to gain dominance over her body

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+ Maybe even her version of Mahito's domain kek, self embodiment of beauty or something.

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The clone of Mahito can't do Idle Transfiguration, meaning it's an incomplete copy and so, probably would have died when the original did.
Or at least, the clone was definitely not independent from Mahito

I'm sure Gege could justify it somehow, Mahito's CT hinges on soul manipulation. Maybe when he was in the uzumaki he manipulated his own soul in a way that any potential copy was sliced off, becoming its own separate curse

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I don't want Nobara back because the manga would lose the stakes, but I would gladly have Mahito back

It'd certainly fit his aspirations to be as cunning as humans, a flashback where it's revealed that he knew that Kenjaku would double cross him.

A contingency plan where he'd nest in one of the students incase his main form was to fall

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In that case, I would like Mahito to have the 100% of Nobara's body now, and her being mentally dead, but biologically alive.

Ideally it should function like Kenjaku/Geto does, complete dominance unless close ones are near by. Not like Yuji close, but really close. So saori

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