Fax: Susumu Hirasawa is the best thing to come out of anime!

Fax: Susumu Hirasawa is the best thing to come out of anime!

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Dat Berserk OST.

Brilliant composer.

He had a major career way before anime zoomer nigger

P-Model wasn't very good desu

Awful opinion

It's Tatsuya Katou, dummy.

Agreed. His solo stuff is GOAT though.


i don't think he "came out of anime"


I always say it as

He came out of anime? Do you think he could tell me how to come into anime?

anime massively helped his popularity. his duo with Satoshi Kon was legendary

Based Hirasawa enjoyer.

I know this is stupid but one of my biggest dreams is to create a famous webmanga, get an anime adaptation and have the OST made by Hirasawa. This is what motivates me to create.

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I'm Hirasawa fanboy but I hate Hirasawa threads on here, they're always awful. like Hell lot of his solo work was reworked versions of P-Model songs, he reworks songs all the time hell is just a reworked version of this. youtube.com/watch?v=aIgaaW15V3w

What the fuck is so wrong with not liking P-Model lol
You posting Take the Wheel doesn't matter when he made that song in his solo career, it had nothing to do with P-Model.

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Hurry up man. nigga ain't got too long

I wonder how many retards claim to like Hirasawa purely because of his photos

He reworks lot of P-Model songs in his solo career too youtube.com/watch?v=_rZf1jY1zhw and youtube.com/watch?v=0gt7ZkxpGlU, is what I was saying also late P-Model is basically the same as solo Hirasawa, it makes no sense to not like P-Model unless you only heard the early work which more new wave but even then it's good.