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Nice Mao this week.

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You say that every week.
Not that that's a bad thing.

it's thursday

>wan piss nowhere to be seen
lmfao another break? Axe soon

I only say it when I think it's true

based but wrong thread

When will the new series start?

Sleepy princess celebrates 300 chapters with a beach episode.

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Two weeks from now, I think.

Anything worth reading other than Mao and Frieren?

Any idea on the order?

Depends on what you like.
I'd suggest Red Blue and Last Karte

Not as far as I know.

Amusement park date soon.
Follow the daily life of boymom and his step-sisters.

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Sheriff Evans author is attempting a comeback

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good for him
Morisaki Amane is pretty fun

Shiroyama is fun, shame that it doesn't have any translations.

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where can I find raws?

Red Blue shits on both of these