Stein;s gate

I failed.I failedI failedI failed

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no nut november 11 years ago

Failed at what?

found out were all of daru's fat genes went to

can you delete this comment but leave the picture?

Suzuha is the sexiest girl ever.

Imagine that thing on you lap...

That's a big gate


Is dr Pepper good for you?

Of course

to be that bike seat..

What a jobber.

She's just like me

Why didn't he fuck Suzuha? Daru would have been cool it with.

Suzuha is pure sex.

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Is that her... god taht's lewd

As I said, pure sex.

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>Best friend grooms his smoking hot daughter to be attracted to him
Daru is the realest nigga in all anime and it isn't even close.

imagine the thighjobs with the spats still on haha


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Fat isn't contained in genes it is contained in cheeseburgers.