Tokyo Revengers 268

moving along

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Based takemitchy curbstomping Mikeydog

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That one user from a couple of months ago really called it.

TWEEST incoming

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>the fucking speed of the 2ch thread
My dekinai N3 nihongo can't keep up with it

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My Hanmacoins, in shambles

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Can you link me the thread

but then who was trigger?

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How the fuck did he get killed by a bunch of 12 yo then

I kneel.

Butterfly Effect

>all those you remind me of Shinichiro

So this proves the discontinuities in the flashback were because we were dealing with different timelines. A decent victory for the Wakui-believers...

Haha oh.

I mean we don't know if all that is going to happen, just that Sano is the other time leaper

>Both Tamitchy and Shinichiro were trying to save Mikey
Pottery. Isn't sad Hina? Having the heroine spot stolen by a manlet?

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Kino is back on the menu

If I was Hina I would be on fucking suicide watch right now.

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I genuinely have no idea what is going on