What was the lesson Aggretsuko tried to say to the audience with Resasuke...

What was the lesson Aggretsuko tried to say to the audience with Resasuke? If he's bland and boring then dump him because a regular office lady like you deserves better? Bizarre. Imagine if this show becomes responsible for Japan's declining birthrates because 30-something Japanese ladies took this message to heart

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Don't take Aggretsuko seriously, it's a lot like western cartoons in the sense that the characters are retarded and make bad decisions which is why most westerners love it.

Aggretsuko is basically a western cartoon, so it's feminist propaganda.

Feminism is well established in Japan though and lots of anime has feminist themes

I do not believe there is a single asian person using Any Forums

Pick one, I consider anime to be the equivalent of something made by AI. Ironically, this may be a better formula for enjoyment.

>and lots of anime has feminist themes
Punchgirls are about as feminist as Joss Whedon was

Wasn't he a turbo autist that barely paid attention to Retsuko? What's the point of dating someone like that?

That in your world of various animals, it's silly to force a pairing solely because they happen to be the exact same species.


and like says Japan has a lot of subtle feminist themes in a lot of places.
I wouldn't go that far, but the characters in Aggretsuko are I would say, pretty fuckin' retarded y'know?
You ever seen that old popular Any Forums post explaining that Anton Chigurh is a properly written smart character, where as Sherlock didn't?
Ok Aggretsuko just outright doesn't bother, Aggretsuko is very much a western cartoon because it writes it's characters in intentionally pessimistic satirical light, making them egotistical, too stupid, or too shy to take proper action, and it see's nothing wrong with this treatment, it doesn't bother making it's characters hold ambition or do anything of value before failing, nor is it a parable of old which knew how to portray EVERYONE as idiots intentionally.
It's very much like new wave American Adult Animation or Triple A cartoons in the sense that the characters flaws are driven straight to the ground, like Bojack Horseman or Rick and Morty, these shows resonate with normalfags as humans are innate fuck ups, I myself just lost an inch off my waist but binge ate 4k cal today for reasons I won't elaborate on, in a world where we are no longer as careful out of fear for wolves or gun shots at every turn, we on average make worse and worse decisions, with no logical foundation, so in this society the quickest ticket to popularity is a down on their luck protagonist who is as much of a fuck up as you, but that means that a lot of the time you can ignore writing your characters to try and improve or survive or maneuver socializing with ulterior goals. This is also why the characters need to make poor decisions to keep the show at just barely status quo so that they can keep milking their misery.
But given that this thread is already talking about feminism so no one will bother with actually looking at the details in the writing and just debate politics.

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He doesn't care about being dumped and only tried to date because he was pressured to, it's not like he's criticized for being the way that he is.

Why would anyone date someone they don't find interesting? I mean, if you don't have any commitment then moving on to a more fulfilling relationship is the correct thing to do, regardless of gender. If the end goal of any relationship in your mind is settling down and having kids and spending most of your lives together, wouldn't you prefer to date someone that excites you?

If dating is already boring how do you think marriage and kids would go?

incel thread

You WILL have sex with me IMMEDIATELY

Ah yes, the unique and deep western individuality of capeshit and Any Forums.

subtle feminist thread

This guy is literally me

>lots of anime has feminist themes
Like what?

anything with "girl power"
anything with girls fighting/doing martial arts/using guns/etc. on par with or better than men
anything with only female characters, or primarily female

that's retarded, doug