Episode 3 of 6HP is subbed (also known as Six Hearts Princess, Six Heart Princesses...

Episode 3 of 6HP is subbed (also known as Six Hearts Princess, Six Heart Princesses, and "the creator is selling NFTs now").


I tend to describe this show as "Post-apocalyptic Precure Hakkenden by Takashi Murakami". Seven episodes have aired between 2017 and 2019, but there are some hopes that production of the rest may resume by the end of this year or in 2023.

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This episode is also a kung fu film, I guess.

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Cool, hope it will be at least fully translated.

>the creator is selling NFTs now
What a cursed show

Look up "My Lonesome Cowboy" (might be a bit too NSFW for a blue board), it's not terribly surprising that this guy is so unhinged. Thankfully he's not too involved in the actual production, as I believe the scenario is largely finished, the designs existed since long before this anime was a thing, and it just needs to be animated and voiced now. Regretfully, the show is done by a studio that doesn't really work on anime, so it's way outside of the normal production pipelines and the release schedule is what it is. It's also very noticeable that production quality ambitions after episode 3 got more subdued (Mebae and JNTHED don't seem to actively participate after 3), although it still looks alright.

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The last thing I expected from this show was a Metal Gear reference.

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It's easy to guess some of Mebae's fetishes, considering he took part in the first three episodes and two of them had this sort of stuff.
Kind of a shame that he doesn't seem to publicly work on anything anime-related since 6HP, I've only seen him do some animation work in an episode of Aikatsu Planet.

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>Madoka clone no. 18984987348973489734980734709834
*loud groan*

No wonder you're bumping your own thread, OP.

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>Madoka clone
It's really not, it's not edgy magical girls, it's way more inspired by Precure. Not every magical girl anime is a Madoka clone. It has some crazy SF stuff happening in the backstory and probably in the latter yet unfinished half of the show, but it runs on Precure tropes through and through.
>No wonder you're bumping your own thread
More like because it's not the most active hours on Any Forums and this show is poorly known, not helped by the fact that it was never simulcast (and the completed episodes only aired once on TV outside of the usual anime hours and with no disc releases, most of the anime fans in Japan missed it as well). It's no masterpiece, but it has a beautiful setting and lots of original quirks, whether good or not.

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Wow, I almost forgot this thing exists.

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This show (in its current form) certainly doesn't try to hide its visual inspirations. The CGI version was more weird and distinct, but didn't really work. It's chock full of other kinds of references as well, what with episode 2 intro going all Mad Max.
But hey, this Blue has a rocket launcher, shoots herself from a cannon, and knows kung fu.

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>Madoka clone no. 98757985987978897897789987 that pretends that isn't a Madoka clone because it steals shit from other magical girls shows too

No wonder you bump your own thread, OP. Last pity bump I'll give you.

Well, thanks for the bumps. The only thing it has in common with Madoka is magical girls and the lead being pink, and it would be way more fair to call it a Heartcatch Precure clone, but we are obviously not going to change each other's opinions.

I admire your dedication OP
But you and I very well know this is as dead as Prism Nana

1)I watched the first two episodes and never got a "Madoka clone" impression. Didn't seem that edgy (then again, I don't dimiss mecha shows like RahXephon or Fafner as "eva clones", so maybe it's just a thing with me)
2)There aren't that many of them. Like, they've stopped entirely for several years already, and even when they aired it was like a single show every 2 seasons or so
I hate this meme of Madoka clones being so prevalent. They never were. Compare to stuff like battle harems in the past or isekai now, where you have like 4 or 5 shows per season, and you'll notice "Madoka clones" are never prevalent (not that many of them are clones in any way besides "it's edgy". Even something like Daybreak Illusion memed as one of the most blatant examples of "clone" shares more with the Garo franchise than it does Madoka)