One Piece

Chapter 1059 Captain Koby’s Case
-Red Hair Pirates take Marco near Sphinx Island (Whitebeard homeland). Marco is leaving the ship at the beginning of the chapter to fly towards Sphinx Island. It's a funny part.
-Shanks asks Marco to join his crew but Marco refuses
-New Pacifista model is call Seraphim, they are (big)children with white hair, brown skin and black wings (They look pretty cool, also unlike Kuma they don’t all look the same)
-Blackbeard attacked Amazon Lily amidst the Marine Invasion, he wants Hancock’s power. His new bounty is 3.996 billion
-Hancock turned most of the invaders(including Devon and Vasco) into stone. Her new bounty is 1.659 billion
-Rayleigh halted the conflict/Rayleigh arrived and saved the day.
-Koby is abducted by Blackbeard pirates

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>only included confirmed spoilers

Carrot for Nakama

She's already dead, user.

So the new pacifistas are artificial Lunarians

King androids

The fact that they're apparently kids is lame. Means 1) the punk hazard children subplot was a waste of time 2) smoker and tashigi cant do fucking anything right 3) king being unique goes out the door 4) we're not going to ever see the SSG get killed or damaged too bad because they're kids

>killed your 25 years old shonen

Tch, nothing personal kid

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I was ready to bitch about Hancocks absurdly high bounty but I guess it's kind of warranted, she has a huge army of haki users after all. Also love the idea of artificial lunarians

Should be an image of Momonosuke

>Teach decides to kidnap the pink-haired twink instead of the most beautiful woman in the world
Definitely got that from Pops

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>no sabo
Cliffhanger Piece



So the pacficias are Kings jobber race mixed with giants

I have yet to see this supposedly big meme outside of these threads

How can you tell they are mixed?

lol is Coby going to regress to boot licking Cabin boy?

Blackbeard will cash in his bounty with the Cross Guild and Koby will be Alvida's personal manslave

New spoiler

>Blackbeard knows Koby from Rocky port incident, in which Koby “helped” Blackbeard in defeating Wang Zhi, and that made Teach the boss of pirate island
Wang Zhi was previously mentioned offhand as a former member of the legendary Rocks Pirates

>Tashigi does everything she can to help the kids at Punk Hazard
>Winds up inadvertently handing them over to fucking Dr. Mengele

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>Dr. Mengele
Hahahah that made me laugh more than it should