Kills Jojo Manga

>Kills Jojo Manga
>Kills Jojo Anime

Based Jolyne

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don't forget that the part 6 anime also killed the re-release of the jjba fighting game

What do you mean? AllStar battle? I literally installed it on my pc yesterday

That's not an image of the Netflix logo

she did the right thing, this franchise had its peak and needs to go, also fuck part 7 anime imagine the shitshow

If you need hype to enjoy something, then that something is probably shit

Araki cannot write female characters

LOL no.
The shitty online killed it.
Day one pre-order fag here. Not worth $60 bucks until they can fix the lower than smash online tier service

It's really fine. Even with the batch releases.
The hype is dying because, in my opinion, stupid shit just doesn't happen as often. Like Kars playing Lisa's leg like a guitar. I mean they have the goofy stuff, but nothing like the old poses

>fags actually wasted money on a game that came out 10 years ago
Lol, lmao

Albeit consistently entertaining, Every part except part 7 is overrated. Part 7 is a genuine 10/10, top 10 all time manga.

Parts 4-8 (except 7) are all 7 between the 7-8.5 range, with 4 being the best due to Kira being the best antagonist in the series.

There is literally nothing about 7 that elevates it above other parts other than retarded faggots like you seeing the seinen demographic and using it to trick yourselves into thinking SBR is for big boys and you're a big boy for reading it.
It makes all the same mistakes earlier parts made and Valentine is a worse Pucci.

It automatically better than the other parts simply because of the core background .

A western adventure is simply much better than a slice of life sitcom style, or a Mafia/crime drama, or a prison based shit.

It killed discussion.

So it is only based on your retarded preference? You like the cowboys? Did you like the dinomasores too, little guy?

Jojolion killed the manga

I like Jojo, I like fighters.
I especially like how the fighter community is taking anime fighters more seriously. I was expecting all the time to be put into revamping the online experience, because fighters live and die based on their online in the modern age.

I wouldn't say I wasted my money, because I've had fun with the single player, but I will say it's not worth full price.

It was expected though.
no one really liked stone ocean outside of women and wannabe women.

I don't know what killed it, but I do know that it coincided with Netflix getting involved. Correlation doesn't equal causation but it still very heavily implies it. Hopefully they take less than 10 years to do part 7 so I can see the expected backlash against it. I will be the first to be posting that it was just part 7 not being as good as people remembered, since that line of thinking is commonplace on Any Forums now and adaptations can do no wrong.

Im fine with a few sacrafices so nips learn never to touch netflix again

lmao, you bet there is going to be many faggots who would say shit like, 'it was never good', 'its overrated', 'fujobait' etc

If by women you mean feminist bloggers, then you're right but actual women watch Jojo for the husbandos, not a strong female character.