Kengan Omega

>Yup, they don't make tournament arcs like they used to

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Last two chapters have been kino
Now we wait for Rihito to deliver

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Could Sandwich be back?

Lets not get too excited over the first fight

That's a nice expectation you got there user
Real nice
Would be a shame if it got...subverted

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Will Kuroki be in the audience?
Or will there be a cutaway to him meditating at some forest while muttering that Rihito "has truly gone beyond Z....."
Will he join the beer squad

We're looking at 4-years under beard training. Rihito will win, I'm assured of it. This is will be the fight in which Rihito will prove he is no longer a jobber. Mark my words.

Okay, lets assume he is capable of beating a faceless jobber suffering from a size debuff
Can he beat Saw though?

but hes fighting a designated jobber npc, thats not really a victory

When the fuck will we see Razor Edge + Devil Lance hybrid?
What would it be called?

the devils razor

How would it make sense to fuse those two concepts
Razors edge is about genetically buffed pinching
Devils lance is about hand conditioning to create a hand capable of piercing flesh
The two are completely unrelated

I thought it was Wednesday for a moment

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Wonder what Mark Myers gimmick is
Semi-indestructible skin (by contracting his muscles) so he conveniently won't get oneshotted by Razor's Edge?

the devil edge

Given Rihito has been jerked off as being able to scratch metal, convincing us that a fighter is capable of making his skin harder than metal is a hard sell

Satan halberd

He stabs you with two fingers then he pinches your nerves

not as batshit as what we've seen prior tbf, lest we forget
>bando being made of fucking rubber
>saw paing's hammer of burma being able to leave a gaping crater in the arena floor due to his retardedly hard bones
>julius planting toa through solid concrete
>going limp in your bones ala lolong
>monke's imaginary weapons
>rakshasa's palm in general
>everything about terashi
mark somehow making his skin harder than metal is very in line with what you'd see in a martial arts manga desu, arguing for "realism" is already out the window when people like inaba are running around with their weird bullshit

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concrete and rock feats don't count they are made of sand

>Rihito wins
>It's predictable because he's literally never one once
>Rihito loses
>Expectations subverted, but people start wondering why he's even a character
Will sandwich be able to resist?

what about
>rihito fucking dies

The match will never conclude and Shen will crash the party by getting into a fight with Ohma
Many years later we will discuss what a great tournament berserker bowl would've been if Ohma didn't show up