Let's make a bingo for the next volume, any ideas?

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Obvious Subaru dies free space
Emila says something dumb
Vincent is misunderstood again
Rem rescues herself
Flop turns against Vincent
Al is a bro
Another Loli get
Team actually meets back up
Subaru embodies another fetish
Battle between two or more generals

Those are some off the top of my head, use or discard them as you wish.

Let's lewd Rem instead

Don't even know what the next volume is going to be. We could guess it's about Subaru and then the whole thing switches to Emilia/Vincent/Rem or vise versa.

She does it herself

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Someone please post cunny Rem

Runny Rem?

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Discarded. Those are retarded

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Rui will talk.

>Subaru dies
>Emila says something dumb
>Subaru dies
>Subaru dies
>Emila says something dumb
>Subaru dies

Subaru dies is always the free space.

What's with the seething?

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Rui has the biggest deathflag. Subaru is going to love her, then she's going to die in his arms, then he's going to eat her Authority.

>then she's going to die in his arms
She already did that an unknown, but arbitrarily large amount of times.

It's been 3 volumes you say that.


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I'm down for lewd Rem, long as we're not speccing it up in here with spam

>Obvious Subaru dies free space
I'll take this as a free space
>Vincent is misunderstood again
not precise enough. I'll take it if I need more tiles.
>Rem rescues herself
>Flop turns against Vincent
>Al is a bro
not precise enough. Nearly a given if he appears. A friendly comment from him about Subaru could be enough. I'll take it if I need more tiles.
>Another Loli get
We don't have more lolis in arc 7 cast. It's risky to bet on a new loli being introduced in the next volume.
>Team actually meets back up
it's too unlikely this comes next volume, it seems to be setup to be the arc ending. I'll count it if I need more tiles.
>Subaru embodies another fetish
>Battle between two or more generals
That one is doomed. We did it 3 times and failed 3 times.

Subaru doesn't love her yet. He will.

Oh god, she's a chest burster!

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Fourth time's a charm.

>That one is doomed. We did it 3 times and failed 3 times.
Just stuff it in an edge-tile offset from the center or something. Rui saying a word needs to be on there until it happens.

Yorna-sama's fingers are delicious.

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Rui is not going to talk because she is the innocent spawn of Louis Arneb after her memories were eaten. Evil Louis will come out and be killed instead.

Medium will stay Small