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Carrot for Nakama

"What was the purpose of Yamato?"
Well, let's discuss facts.

Fact: Oda didn't forget Carrot.
Many think he did, but he drew a specific scene with her, in the same chapter the SH left their goodbyes to their beloved companions and Yamato.

Fact: Carrot isn't insignificant enough to not deserve goodbyes.
Carrot travelled with the SH for +200 Chapters. In global popularity poll, she made the Top 10. She was important enough to be made Zou's leader, a country so intimately tied with Wano and the lore of JoyBoy. If she was insignificant, Oda wouldn't have given her a scene where the Dukes appoint her a leader, instead he'd have given us a cover story showing her as the new Duchess.

Fact: Oda gave Carrot all the reasons to join.
Oda went out of his way to show us crew interactions with Carrot, unique personality traits and quirks, to establish her as a unique and competent, but not overpowered fighter, with a powerful yet well-balanced gimmick. He then specifically had Pedro die, later making sure we know She inherited his will. (To bring about the Dawn of the World)

Fact: Carrot's contributions were NOT very important in WCI/Wano.
Oda could've cut Carrot out with some minor tweaks and the result would have been the same. So, this time we ask "What was the purpose of Carrot?"

Fact: Oda hid Carrot from us, replacing her with Yamato.
In Wano, Carrot all but vanished, AFTER Oda had established her as a potential new Strawhat candidate. He then brought in Yamato, a flashy character with such a concept it seemed like she was made to grab your attention. The backstory, unique devil fruit, design, connections to Ace, CoC, Kaido's son... She was a Nakamafaggot's wet dream. But she didn't join. Why? What WAS her purpose?

Yamato was a red herring.

Oda brought in Yamato specifically to distract. To make you think she'd join. Her entire existence was fanservice, merchandise and most importantly, to make you forget Carrot.
Oda didn't forget. He just tried to make sure you did.

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Uta is the final nakama.

Carrot wont join

Nice falseflag, Tamapedo

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>Blackbeard kidnapped Coby
This is so random wtf
What's Oda goal here?

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Holy cope. I'm not even a Yamatofag but this is too fucking funny.

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Carrot WILL win

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rank em

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Too smart for Luffy.

You that South Park episode where the Family Guy writers room is just a bunch of manatees? That's Oda at this point.

How is it a cope?
It lists facts. Not copes. It didn't even say Carrot would join.

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The Yonko slayers

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I'm unironically confused about oda and yamato thing, is he trolling us?


>It didn't even say Carrot would join.
>Fact: Oda gave Carrot all the reasons to join.
Why are all carrotfags compulsive liars?

Why are zorobros so deranged?

Give Koby some relevance but nobody still cares about him

In terms of how I like them?
Doffy > BB > Buggy > Law > Croc > Jimbei > Kuma > Mihawk > Boa > Moria > Weevil

Not the same thing. Carrot DOES have all the reasons to join, yet she hasn't. The post asks WHY, while also pointing out that Yamato didn't join either, and has no purpose. UNLESS Yamato was a red herring for Carrot. If neither join, neither had purpose. If Carrot joins, both had purpose. That is a fact.

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>Angels Inspired Vegapunk
>Kuma is always carrying the Bible
Did Jesus exist in the One piece world ? Is there a Hito Hito no mi model Jesus like Buddha ?

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If the Bible exists, Jesus does too.

I'm using all my COPIUM until the raws come out.

I love Zoro so much

>Hancock would be dead if Rayleigh wasn’t stalking Amazon Lily like a creep


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Theres a guy in the manga/anime literally named "Jesus" and laughes with the prefix "Weee" and "haaha""

Yep based Carrotbro

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I'm sure all kinds or religions exist in One Piece.
Oda won’t directly address it though since it's irrelevant to the plot and if he did he might piss many people off so he simply keeps referencing them.
Religion is always a sensitive subject.

We know Perona, but Zoro needs to finish his adventure

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We love Oden here. Not his retainers apart from Kinemon however.

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His tits are too big, makes it hard to think rationally about him.

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Smoker 2.0

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Carrot's character is stuck in a bit of a limbo at the moment. There were very obvious things Oda could have done to absolutely rule her out after having Inu and Neko declare her as the new ruler of Zou:
>Have her accept the role on screen.
>Have her say goodbye to the SHs
>Show her still on Wano or on a ship to Zou as the SHs left.
>Oda could have also just chosen to ignore her for the rest of the series.

He did none of these things. Instead when Carrot is declared as leader of Zou, two big reasons are given:
>Her experience adventuring with the SHs.
>Her inheriting Pedro's will.
The problem is, both of these are terrible reasons for her to rule Zou. Carrot's entire character arc had nothing to do with leadership.
These are actually the very reasons why she should join the SH crew.

Because this was such an unsatisfactory way of closing Carrot's character, she will continue to be stuck in nakama limbo until Oda does something to explicitly de-confirm her.

I liked Kawamatsu.

Coby will be the final princess that needs to be saved, reincorporating the very first time he appeared. Hankeks are funny.

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>I see it! the third post after this will be a lie

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Yamato joins

Blackbeard used the quake fruit to create a FISSURE

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I do not find Robinattractive.

Hot siblings.

Does Blackbeard have 3 penises?

It's OK user. You don't have to

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>Coby is captured at the beginning of One Piece
>Coby is captured at the end of One Piece



Exactly. Oda could have given Carrot's story a conclusion, but he didn't. And it's evident he didn't just forget or that he didn't care. He cares, and he remembers, so why didn't he?
And it's true the reasons are bad. Especially when you consider that the Dukes shared their similar responsibility, one that they took on only after a long time of gathering experience at sea.

And these facts are why I won't believe, not for a second, that Oda truly made Carrot the duchess UNTIL I SEE HER IN SAID POSITION. It makes no sense story-wise, writing-wise, and is very un-Oda-like.

How the FUCK does he do it?

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>Koby is now back to where he was in the second chapter except he now has to be Blackbeard's catamite instead of Alvida's

I love them!

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Kek you wish, carrotfags are just coping THAT hard now
Also, obligatory (you)
Yes, we've known this
>both have an Ace connection, but only Tama was promised to join
>both are grateful for the food given to them, but Yamato owes the samurai while Tama owes Luffy
>both were paired with Momo, but only Yamato's character has meaningful parallels and connection to be made (Momo is also her age now)
>Yamato is deeply connected to Wano, (Oden, Samurai, DF) while Tama has no family or real deep ties that hold her to it
>Yamato has interacted more with shinobu and the scabbards than the Straw Hats, Tama has interacted with Big Mom more than any Wano character
>Tama was introduced in the first chapter of Act 1, Yamato in the middle of Act 3
>All of Yamato's meaningful character moments are with Momo while all of Tama's character moments are with the original 3 strawhats
>Tama was included in every panel of Yamato first meeting with the crew
>Tama got confirmation from the captain, Yamato was grouped together with characters that will never become pirates
>Yamato is the daughter of Kaido while Tama is the last kurozumi we know of
>Yamato spelled backwards is O-Tama
> Oda hid Carrot from us, replacing her with Yamato.
but carrot did nothing during the raid and had been doing nothing for years already, that makes little sense considering the purpose of a red herring
A better reason for yamato to be a red herring would be to conceal someone that was actually being relevant. Coincidentally Tama arrived at the raid unexpected shortly after Yamato was introduced.

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