Does Any Forums have a favorite anime director?

Does Any Forums have a favorite anime director?

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Goro Miyazaki

>Does Any Forums have a favorite anime director?
No this is a moeshit board. No one cares who directs moeshit shows they just consume them and forget about them when the next moeshit show airs.

I love this man like you wouldn't believe. Tomoyasu Murata is a close second.

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My underrated nigga Koji Miromoto

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Is Hayao Miyazaki an acceptable answer or do I have to be a contrarian and say someone else

The problem that is not exclusive of people who watch anime. People in general don't care about directors.

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Probably Miyazaki and Anno. Not a newfag I swear! I just think they're great.

I also like Hosoda's directing, but not his stories.

>implying moeshitters don't care about directors
rest in piece, one of the best directors of the 00s and 10s

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Tetsuo Yajima with OLM
t. massive pokemonfag

Hayao Miyazaki, the first anime I ever watched was his film Warriors of the Wind.

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Okada Mari

this wholesome old man who will keep on producing stuff well into his 80s, 90s or even 100s

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I am 8 episodes into L-Gaim and it owns. The animation is really good.


recently finished 0079, while the animation is dated its pretty fucking good

been putting L-gaim on hold around 14th episode due to real life stuff (which includes watching other anime), hopefully one day i'll finish it.

Everything I've seen by him so far is worth watching, would recommend Ideon to you next.

It's got a great sense of humour too, a little bit like Xabungle but better realized because of the awesome character animation

I'm only left with the rest of L-Gaim and Daitarn then i'll finish the Tomino marathon, except if i want to watch his even older works pre-Zambot 3

That isn't even true. Back in the day, before you subhuman shounentards begun showing up, they often had director wars over the likes of Shitbo, Yamakan, and many others.

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I miss this lil nigga like you would not believe.