The Lords of comedy

>service x servant
>hajimete no gal
>asobi asobase

There are no contenders to challange them

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wokanda forevah





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LMAO no. The Olympus of Comedy it's:
> Gintama
> Nichibros
> Baka to Test
> Grand Blue (manga)
> Hinamatsuri (manga)

Honorable Mentions:
> Idolm@aster
> Sket Dance
> Asobi Asobase
>Sakamoto Desu Ga!


Girls' High
Love Lab

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Ahhhh, good to you gentleman

I agree but, asobi asobase's humour is basically gintama. so many bits would fit right in gintama

this post was typed by teenaged hands

I started watching anime last decade, the post.

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Sumimasen, I would like to interject

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If we're also talking manga then

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What about :
> Kaguya
> Level E
> Excel saga
> +tic nee san
Honorable mentions :
> minami ke
> kono suba

Nozaki-kun is fun.

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Why did no one mention Prison School?

Isn't this the anime where the dub voice actor had a mental breakdown when he had to read the pedo's lines?

>hidden rec thread
I won't complain. Watch Gokudolls.