Watch seed for the first time

>watch seed for the first time
>ep 3
this is gay

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This is why Blue Cosmos is depraved. Coordinators are named so because they're to guide humanity, not replace them. Their sterility was intentional. They are hardwired to be unable to go a few generations without Natural cock. The plan was to have Coordinators breed with Naturals until by some point, everyone's functionally a Coordinator. A Coordinator's very purpose in life is to contribute their DNA to Naturals.

Just imagine how utterly bitter and envious someone has to be over Coordinators. They take a look at pic and decide to fill it with bullets instead of their cum. To use their peashooter instead of their pee-shooter. Imagine this hot ass, intelligent and athletic girl comes begging for your babies because those Coordinators can't make fertile offspring with her. What insane butthurt drives a man to deny this Coordinator girl whose vagina is genetically sculpted to be a perfect fit for his dick?
>Me so jelly this girl beat me in sports/grades/etc that even though she's spreading her legs for me, me run away with my virginity intact
I can't even call it gay, there's Coordinator men too. The recently deceased Shinzo Abe would strangle all of Blue Cosmos for not dropping their guns and dropping their pants. Unbelievable.

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she's 14

user, the anime literally has "SEED" right there in the name, this shouldn't have come as a suprise

Thats just it. Blue Cosmos are insecure hypocrites using excuses like unnatural and playing god to justify not wanting to feel inferior to ubermench meant to lead humanity into greater heights.

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Lacus Clyne a shit

Whi is the girl on the left?

>underaged in revealing sleepwear
based nipponjins

designed to be smarter, stronger, faster, more mature, and a better lover lover than you by age 12. get cucked and blame god for the crime of existence you filthy natural. Bow down before my genetically enhanced 11 inch cock

Let me tell you my story with Seed
>Watched all of the UC Gundam shows and Turn A
>Became a dumb UC purist, and hated on the AUs
>Then I decided to marathon G, Wing, X, Seed, 00 and Age
>I went into Seed, really wanting to hate it
>I heard it sucked, so I went in with a mindset that it's bad and I have to dislike it
>The show started rough, with annoying characters and it being sort of a 0079 remake
>But I liked the ED song a lot
>Then around ep 13, the show started winning me over
>By half way point, I was invested
>Switched to HD Remaster and everything got better
>By the Alaska arc, I was loving it
>The characters became likable, the 0079 remake aspect was dropped
>the fights were awesome, and each one of them had some memorable moments
>Then Rau took center stage as the main villain, and by god did Mark Oliver give an all time best performance
>The finale was literally the best final battle, not only in Gundam, but in anime history
>The OST was killer, the deaths were emotional, and overall it left me with a positive feeling
>hated Destiny
>Rewatched Seed another 2 times
>It's a 10/10 for me, my 13th favorite anime, and my number 1 favorite Gundam show.
And to think that I went into it, expecting to hate it. That's why it's important to ignore everyone, to have an open mind, and to watch your anime and make up your own mind.

>Mark Oliver
>eng dub
stopped reading right there

>Became a dumb UC purist, and hated on the AUs
>I went into Seed, really wanting to hate it
>I heard it sucked, so I went in with a mindset that it's bad and I have to dislike it
Geez, I'm gonna pray you were underage back then if you had such a stupid fucking mindset. And if you were underage after the remaster came out then fuck you kid

It's refreshing to hear someone's honest thoughts on Seed
You guys are mean

Well, there are a lot of UC purists around here.

There's no reason to hate on all AUs as a principal since they are mostly all standalone stories which only call themselves Gundam for marketing reasons. Also I myself am a Tomino purist. NT is worse than any AU.

Pink girls = BEST girls

Bros does anyone know what track is playing at 24s in this
It's like a choral version of anna issho datta no ni

Gimme a minute, I got the entire 500 track Seed soundtrack on me.

Found it. It's this:
And then Meteor.

Honestly, outside of nudity and fluffier hair, looks like a downgrade

Extremely based, thanks user.

this one is a fake pink girl tho.

The OST is really nice, and I have listened to it multiple times.