What defines a loli, age of body type?

What defines a loli, age of body type?
Would Nonon be a loli, despite being canonically 18?

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No idea. Japanese fans say under 16 is loli but they also claim characters who don't look the right way such as Asuka & Rei don't count either
Basically you let your dick decide what is and isn't loli instead of your brain

Being small.

Nonon neither looks nor acts young enough. Any girl under 13 is a loli (magically aged/faster aging monstergirl species not included). Lolibabas aren’t proper lolis but should still at the least look under 13 to sort of count. Those that are older but don’t act young don’t count, kanna is a loli(baba), etna or beatrice aren’t

loli is body type

If having sex with her won't get me ostracized she's not a loli.


>what is a lolibaba



loli=/=Petite, if she's under 14 she's a loli

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A lolibaba is specifically an older woman (>25) who looks like a loli. I think Nonon is just a legal loli, otherwise known as a sexually mature woman (>18) with loli features.

Nonon's not even a loli, though, she's just petite. She has tits and curves and everything.

she's just a petite woman you retards.

Age and body type.
Anybody else is coping and lying.

These are the only anons in the thread who get it so far. I swear so many fucking virgins on the internet on here, Twitter, reddit, and where ever the fuck never see or talk to women in real life. There are older mature women in real life who are petite and/or have small tits. This whole loli debate is very strange to me and doesn't make any sense

Body Type
Age doesn't matter

Both of which are very prone to changing. People who cope are those who don't want either to change. People who don't cope, on the other hand, would rather pump and dump.

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Seconded. Nonon is just a munchkin, leave her out of retarded pedo debates.

What is that pic for ants OP? It took me literally least than a minute to find one better.

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28 year old loli

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I'd say that for so called "legal" purposes, loli is a depiction of an underaged, pre-teen character with an age-appropriate body type. For stylistic purposes, your 1000 year-olf vampire girl with a body of an 8yo is still a loli. Lolis are generally female children, though, and the whole age-gimmick tends to just be a literal excuse to sexualize them in a context where just drawing a literal child would be frowned upon. I'd say that definition-wise, age is irrelevant, and presentation takes priority. If it's presented as a preteen girl, it's a loli, regardless of all other details. There's always gonna be autistic purists who insists a loli has to be a literal child age-wise, though, but it's just such a pointless distinction to make when we're talking about character specifically designed to look like lolis, with just their canonical age excusing them from being fit with the same definition. It's just semantics.

Cope, seethe and dilate.

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"old enough to bleed, old enough to breed"