Lycoris Recoil

Which do you think among the following are the most or least likely, and why? Answers aren't mutually exclusive.
>Chisato dying
>Takina dying
>Mika dying
>Shinji dying
>Majima dying
>The cafe reopening
>No one dies, everyone lives

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Majima dies.
Shinji maybe dies.
The cafe reopens.

First for OTP...

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>Majima will try to force Chisato to kill him, but Chisato will not be able to pull the trigger. Takina will attempt to kill Majima herself but Chisato instinctively shoots her in the chest to save Majima. Takina then says "You did it Chisato. I'm happy that I was able to fulfill my mission before I die!". Takina dies and an owl necklace drops from her pocket.

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11/10 KINO!

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Majima and Mika will die. Chisato will marry Takina and live happily ever after.

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Chadjima can't stop winning.

Majima is a 30 year old wizard.

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Underaged Majimaschizos.

>majima has the same va as kirito
>miserable retards on Any Forums love majima
checks out.

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He would not be alive now if it weren't for Chisato, so his life literally belongs to her. Since Majima is Chisato's personal property, Chisato would never let anything bad happen to him.
It's all thanks to Chisato.

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Another underaged Majimaschizo.

Majima dies.
Majima's artificial heart will keep Chisato alive.

This thread is in dire need of balance.

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Come on, user who claimed to hate shipping faggotry, will you stay quiet as usual when it comes to Majiimashippers?

I'm so sick and tired of asking both the Majimafags and the yurifags to shut up that I've already given up. I've already begrudgingly accepted that threads will be like this until the show ends.

There's a lack of sexual tension between them. Even Hibike had some of it between Kumiko and Reina. Episode 4 was the most farcical yuribait in recent times, down to the preview video. Episode 9 is a close second, with the date, the snow falling, and all that, yet there doesn't seem to be anything beyond normal friendship between them.

If you're a yurifag you'd be better off spending your time on reading real yuri manga. With the current abundance of actual yuri works, there's no reason for yurifags to watch or read this kind of stuff anymore. If anything, you should actually criticize this show for the queerbait, not support it.

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Same thing with Chisato's seiyuu having voiced picrel. I fucking lover her and want her to call me kimoi.

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>both the Majimafags and the yurifags
Wrong. You never said anything to the Majimafags. It's true that you were always screeching about yurifags though.

Dumb Majimafag.

If you accept the truth and realize that yuri are not "about lesbians," but about "intimate relationships between women, including sexual ones," you will have a better life and you will be less of a nuisance to others.

The ONLY possible romantic partner for Chisato is Takina, no matter how much you fags want to deny it.

You're probably thinking of a different user, I'm the user who keeps calling out both the hetfags and yurifags in the threads.

>No one dies, everyone lives
This one.

I don't think it's that impossible to make a sequel of it, unless Chisato dies or something. They could make a new plot after this. I don't see why they couldn't.

New interview with Asaura, where he talks about his past failures, how the story changed from serious to more light-toned, Adachi's effect as a director and the fact that the production staff agrees Majima > DA

With the mental gymnastics Majimacucks have been making Takina and Chisato are already married

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You said it, the relationship is ONE of the aspects but not the main point in the show. The story is all about Chisato's daily life and DA missions, I don't wanna be harsh but Takina is basically one of those mob lycoris character with a name. She doesn't have her own personality, internal thoughts and goals outside of helping the main protagonist Chisato. You just want to believe your own opinion.
>Takina's role is to provide Chisato a reason for wanting to extend her life.
Wait what? Since when? You're making baseless assumptions once again
>Neither Mika nor Chisato have the will to convince Shinji
And they don't have to, Chisato has been awared she was gonna die in the next 10 years and that's why she's been living her life to the fullest. If they find a solution and can still save her life somehow, then she will most likely and gladly accept it. But from a narrative standpoint, it makes sense she's accepted her death and has no regrets at all.
>I'm sure she still has a role to play at the conclusion
Probably, but we can't say for sure. Until now, Takina cannot stand as her own character. They can be mutually exclusive to each other.
Go shitpost somewhere else

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>how the story changed from serious to more light-toned
Could that mean that Chisato was supposed to die and they changed their minds during production?

>the production staff
Someone in the production staff.

No. I can still appreciate Chisato and Takina being good friends with each other, long after they're married to somebody else. No greater love than friendship after all.

>The ONLY possible romantic partner for Chisato is Takina,
Sure but Majima does not exist for romance. His role is to impregnate Chisato's womb so she can give birth to genius children like them.

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>married to somebody else
Delusional hetshipper.

The underwear stuff was unironically the least gay part of the show.