Asobi Asobase is ending in three chapters

"Asobi Asobase" by Rin Suzukawa will end in 3 chapters.

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The fuck?

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Well time to pick this up again. Was on hold for too long

It's over...

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So what the fuck is even going on in there nowadays?

Needs another season at least to introduce the new girls.

Also do the brother vampire fighting chapter

I want to fuck glasses girl! So what happened with Kasumi and Tsubasa? Is Aoi a he in the end or what?


Well shit.

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what killed the hype?

It was trash anyway.

that sucks man, I had a really good time with this manga. Hopefully they give the anime another season
>Also do the brother vampire fighting chapter
Please god, that was one of the best chapters

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What the fuck?


Probably. The new girls don't really do it for me.

While I like the new girls
>The new characters designs aren't different enough, sometimes it's hard to tell which characters is which
>The comedy has become more unhinged but also more of a hit and miss
>Too many characters interacting at once

>sometimes it's hard to tell which characters is which
Let me guess, you read on your tiny phone screen?

What the actual fuck? I don't even think the kasumi problem is resolved. I mean it already ran for like more than 100 chapters but still.

Yes, as a matter of fact, does it makes a difference when I don't have this issue with other franchises? Post all the girls here, let people decide then, if you care enough of course.

So what's the point of the pastime club if they're no longer the focus of the manga?

The last thing I heard was that Kasumi and Tsubasa played the prince and princess in a play, and kissed but not really?

Anime hard carried the manga. The manga worked better as a storyboard

0% chance of a new anime then.

Agree with all of your points. Not surprising at all that the author decides to end the manga when he realizes he has lost his comic touch.


What the fuck, that's so sudden. The Kasumi thing with Aozora isn't even resolved, was it axed? Is it because the new girls aren't doing it for the readers?