Tell us about your first experience with Boku no Pico

Tell us about your first experience with Boku no Pico.

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Cute girls. I fapped.


I expected something worse instead I got gay shota sex.

it's just shota porn, I don't get the meme and how people think it's more offensive than the usual loli stuff

Got boku no pikoed in 2013 by youtube video made to mislead you into believing this is a harmless slice of life. After a first minute i figured out something was wrong
>Car sex scene
It felt disgusting to newfag me. Now, after all those years, i see that it was pretty boring and mediocre shota porn

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My friend said I should check out Boku no Hero Academia.
I forgot what he said except that it had boku in the name and just looked up "boku anime".
I didn't talk to my friend for a while after that.

The meme is a relic of the old internet. 15+ years ago being gay wasn't as accepted as it is now and used to be a prime target for mocking.

I liked Pico to Chico more, Chico is best boy

>I don't get the meme and how people think it's more offensive

Because it was a much bigger meme 10 years ago when their were less coombrains

Nowadays jerking off to underage gay anime is just the logical conclusion to a solid decade of high speed hardcore internet pr0n. You need to put yourself in the perspective of people in ancient times


lmao that a good one

It's like a rickroll. The song itself isn't offensive but the fact that people fall for it to this very day is fucking kekworthy

It was the 2 girls 1 cup of Any Forums

I watched it already before it became a meme and was like "ok", that's why I don't get the memeing. Maybe I'm just a natural degenerate.
I miss what the internet used to be.

It's like goatse or tubgirl.
If you watch it knowing it'll be shota porn or having already been desensitized to shota porn, it's whatever.
It only really impacts you if you don't expect it.

>I watched it already before it became a meme

Yes, I was only referring to the "normalfag" population who are 10x bigger degenerate pervs than they were a decade ago. I was not referring to people who are destined to be degenerate pervert pedophiles regardless of the times (you)

It feels like the biggest trick was to always recommend the worst part. I'm not sure who the target audience was for the constant close-ups on the ugly fags face but it fixed the series by dropping him.


the boy is too feminine so not for my taste desu

>this is gross
>this is good (ironically)
>this is actually good (unironically)
>this is actually pretty hot