*saves anime*

*saves anime*

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For LaserDisc anime release archiving it's an amazing boon of a tool.

Domesday. Not doomsday. Just getting that out of the way.

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What about all the subhumans who believe VHS to be the superior format? Nothing can save anime from the stupid masses.

A good VHS tape is going to be playable for decades while LD are falling apart now.

>What about all the subhumans who believe VHS
to be the superior format?

LD edges it out, plus it has digital audio.

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They actually were telling the truth back then

It doesn't produce anime. It just saves existing anime. Go to sleep gramps

Aww come on. LaserDisc is not analog in the same way film is analog, the signal is still ultimately pixels. Rip it in native resolution, upload it to animebytes and/or IPFS and be done with it.

LD is some bizzar estupid format where the video is an analog signal but the audio is digital.

It's sad that SSD, most up to date data storage technology can barely last 1 year without electricity.
I miss good old time when manga was written on papyrus.

VHS doesn't have a good quality and also can break easier than a dormant HDD (by that i mean an external HDD unplugged when you don't need to watch something by transfering the content on it)
humanity needs to find another more robust alternative already, SSD is fast but not reliable for data recovery when it breaks (and it also mostly fails to give a sign when it's going to die).

What I'm trying to say is that while the signal is nominally analog, it does contain enough extra information to make effort to preserve it in analog form worthwhile. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC:

> a total of 525 scan lines

It is most likely 525p. If someone wants a backup they should just digitize it.

>It is most likely 525p.

It's never progressive, as progressive scan was some big new thing that they advertized in the early 00's. It was all 480i running at 60hz or similar.

Aaah yes, I failed in reading comprehension. Everything on top of 480 lines is auxiliary data, you're right.

Progressive is the standard now, but it was once rare and new. Proper VHS rips are 60fps and actually very high resolution as an approximation of the analog format. LD rips are 24fps and 640x480. The quality is a downgrade aproxmiation of the analogue format, which hypothetically has near infinite quality but you're not going to notice changes after a certain point. I do wonder if the bitrate is too low on these domesday rips since we are never getting a new one.

Yeah, that is a potential problem. Though I very much doubt that someone dedicated enough to make hardware for that would not make sure that ADC is of sufficient quality. Same goes for the rippers - if they are dedicated enough to use that device, they will most likely be pretty generous with bitrate.

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You can pack a lot of MB into 640x480 like a lot. So I'm a bit concerned these rips are often only 1.1gb at most.

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1-1.5Gb of h264 per a 24 min episode at 480p seems sufficient to me, though just barely. For archival it wouldn't hurt to double that. Yeah, if things are as you say it is a bit concerning...

So this is a thing for rippings LDs? I started collecting anime laserdiscs not too long ago so I'm not totally in the know.

LD will probably be completely unreadable in a few decades at most, and chances are no one else is gonna be doing another domesday rips anytime soon. I actually wish some Japanese archival project announced they were doing something similar, even if it means that they are going to hold onto the files and not relase them until they enter the public domain. At least then they would have supposedly perfect rips.

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Yes. Just keep in mind that disc-rot is starting to take hold of LD so often they need multiple LD to even get a single good video without errors now. I'd recommend contacting some people with domesdays or to buy one yourself so that you can contribute to this race against time to rip these.

If you're okay mailing someone your LD and then having them mailed back you could potentially not see any harm with them. But mailing is what it is, and you'd have to pack them very carefully to ensure that since LD at the end of the day is just a hunk of plastic.

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