Touch grass tier

Lot of people here were often harassed with this image. What have you watched from it and how do you rate it? I only saw kissxsis and it was a pinnacle of anime industry

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I've seen most of those. Its a pretty mixed bag of utter garbage, mediocrity, and legitimately rather good works. Also some stuff which either doesn't exist or is so obscure nobody will seriously watch it. I'd love to ask whomever made it how they complied this image, assuming it wasn't just completely random.

I assume intention was to make a list of things people least likely have watched but halfway into it this turned into random bullshit and memes compilation

Fuujin Monogatari and Rain Town are among my favorites.

>kiss x siss
>koe de oshigoto
haven't seen anything else but the rest looks like shit, anyway

>Fuujin Monogatari
I remember not picking it up because of ms paint style animation. Maybe i should give it a try

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>koe de oshigoto
Is it good?

>legend of koizumi
those were fine i guess
>hello kitty vs gundam
everyone watched this
I guess the list is meme at first but some old shows make sense to put in a list of this kind, I think? very weird list

>everyone watched this
Not everyone saw original OVAs
Picked up

It's hilarious and lewd.

I've probably seen about half of the stuff on this chart and it's either one of the best constructed meme charts I've ever seen in all of my years of frequenting this Mongolian basket weaving forum or a genuine chart made by a misunderstood genius who has seen far more anime that I fear I ever will.

Is this actually good?

Product of its times. Not much value other then nostalgic. If you wan to watch something old and edgy go check out dead leaves


its a meme chart

Automatically better than any unironical chart

If you unironically followed one of these charts, you're autistic and therefore your opinions are worthless

Thanks for your opinion. I will inform you next time I'll need a 300 pound fedora wielder to tell me what to like

underageb& thread

There's a bunch of anime on that chart that you literally can't watch atm like Gothicmade only ever showing in select screenings, Garon which was never seen and never ripped, and Pluto which hasn't even been finished yet.

Looks alright to me.
Anyone who recs Gundam vs. Hello Kitty clearly knows their shit.

We need things like this as a reminder of what we lost. Maybe one day the neck beards hoarding all the laserdiscs in a world will upload a 480 rip of couple of them