So who was best girl and why was it bat?

so who was best girl and why was it bat?

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how did you make a thread with no image?

The spinster.

Based hag lover

Ayy lmao.

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All the girls are great.

Any word on his next series yet? Really enjoyed Yumemigaoka Wonderland towards the end

Devil > Hag > Dumpire > Ayylium > Orange = Dai-Tenshi >> Slutwolf >>>> Granddaughter

Spinster or demon(angel), god she's so fucking cute it's not even a competition.

Even hags need love.

I get yellow girl having no vampire traits since she was only 1/8 vampire but how come ninja girl had nothing wolf-like? She still was 25% wolfman

it was bat
its really hard to beat girls who will just rape their boyfriends in public

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The sexy devil

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how does no-one at school not notice the giant fucking screw sticking out of the back of her head?

That's the wrong devil.

>so who was best
The dumb and cute one.

>so who was best girl
The Alien Mini.

Akane in her hag form

They were just as fucking dumb as the vampire.


Mean hag. Her great granddaughter is cuter.


True friends

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Dumpire is best trope.