I feel like anime from 1990s to 2010s is just more memorable

I feel like anime from 1990s to 2010s is just more memorable

I grew up watching anime in the 1990s, but really got into it in 2000s, and it seems like series from 90s to early 2010s are more known and recognizable to m, like "oh it's that big anime everybody knows" and I feel like new animes don't make as much of an impact, or is it just nostalgia for me?

I'm talking about shows like:
Evangelion, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Lain, Daeth note, Haruhi Suzumiya, Gurren Lagann, Sword art Online lol, Code Geass, One Piece, Clannad, Air/Kanon, Lucky Star, K-ON!, cowboy bebop, FMA, Gundam Wing, Bleach, Naruto, monogatari, raingun series, shana series, fairy tail, ouran host club, NHK, AoT, Claymore, Berserk, Hellsing, Chobits, black lagoon, higurashi.... madoka... sound euphorium... school days... oreimo, durarara, overlord, jojo, charlotte, angel beats, hunterxhunter, steins;gate, psychopas, uuuuuuuh ............. card capturing sakura....

I'd say the ones I remember so far from mid 2010s to now are overlord, konosuba, love live, made in abyss, one punch man, dr. stone, danmachi, slime anime, abunch of isekais,

DESU I don't even know. I just feel like older anime is more "classic" and "memorable" compared to the newer shows

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>new animes don't make as much of an impact,
then explain KnY being #1 best selling movie

see, your logic falls apart when you look at reality

>muh sales

Anime is much more accessible and mainstream now than it was when op got into it.

sales = popularity
OP's entire post is talking about popularity

what am I supposed to use as the metric, your headcanon?

They're only more memorable when you're blinded by nostalgia and only remember like three classics that stood the test of time.
Other than Evangelion, how much do you actually remember from this? Compare that to all the good sequels and originals we've seen in 2022 alone.

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Is there anything comfier than watching anime from the 90s/00s late at night?

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Rose tinted glasses aside all media in the past 10-15 years has gotten so corporatized and standardized and focus grouped and microtargeted etc. etc. that it's robbed of much of its sovl as a result. This is why Marvel movies are simultaneously extremely profitable and a dystopian nightmare of repetitive emptiness

People are spoiled for choice now in both selection of anime and means to discuss them. Back then people would come to Any Forums or some forum like MAL to talk about anime, now anyone can start up a Discord server and just discuss anime amongst themselves. It makes it seem like no one is talking about these shows, but there are, just in their own private groups instead of a public board like Any Forums. Because of the massive selection and desensitizing people had to anime, as well as the general trend of content now, the pacing of shows have had to trend faster.
Try going back and rewatching any of the VN adaptations that defined the 2000s~early 2010s like Ef, H20 Footprints, Clannad, Da capo, Shuffle, Canvas 2, you'll find them kind of slow. It lets the mood set in and holds tension well and lets you actually feel something.
I'm not saying it doesn't happen today, just that the vibe of those older VNs happen to do a good job of eliciting emotion. The OST choices from back then, even for things that weren't VN adaptations could be feels thread material. Personally that makes a show more memorable.

I think you’re the one retarded

>the only anime I remember are popular anime
Wow, it's almost as though you're a casual.

>anime I personally grew up watching are more memorable than anime I'm watching as an adult

Holy fuck, what a revelation. Do you really think kids nowadays (besides faggots that try too hard to fit in) don't think whatever anime they're watching is memorable? That's just what happens as you get older.

Surely older anime had more soul but its just that we got older bro.
Anime is now mainstream and its pandering to normies.

The other thing about being spoiled for choice is that with each passing year, the chance that any particular show that has faded from the spot light to get picked up by someone goes lower and lower. There're like 20 shows being pumped out every season, some of them are really entertaining, some not. With that said, what are the chances that someone stumbles upon a show like Night Wizard?

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>Ghost in the Shell
>Shin Kaitei Gunkan
>Gunsmith Cats
>Armitage III
>Golden Boy
>Macross Plus
>Macross 7
>Legend of Crystania
>Saint Tail
>Gundam Wing
IDK man. The total number of anime on this list is less than half of a current year, and there's still a lot more good shit than recent years.

Current trend is putting effort into quantity over quality which sucks.

I grew up watching anime in the 1980s and I remember people on Any Forums telling me that anime is dead and that half of these soulless shows you mention couldn't ever hope to compare to what came before - K-ON!, Lucky Star and Suzumiya Haruhi in particular. It seems a new generation of nostalgiafags has grown up and those shows are classics now. The same will happen to whatever current thing you dislike and in ten years kids will tell us how they just don't make shows like Mushoku Tensei any more.

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Not much.

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Patently false. There is innumerable low quality anime that was made even before the 2010s that was inevitably pushed to the wayside in favour of quality titles that the mainstream preferred. Even if you compare the increase in anime production across the board, the general quality of "low quality anime" today far outshines the disparity between low quality and high quality anime then.




We got a lot less anime between 1990 and 2015 than post 2015. At least officially. And even then, you'd have watched even less of them. So it's a combination of having a smaller amount and thus easier to remember, and it appearing to be higher quality due to rarity, and, compared against a huge glut that you can now watch whenever you want which will cause blending, particularly if theyre similar.

I bet todays kids will probably remember KnY, OPM, BNHA etc the same way we remember dragonball, much like how Madoka period people are like the Evangelion era people.

I'll just keep samefagging. In 3 years, there will have been around 250 new shows released, not accounting for continuations. The majority of MAL doesn't even have 250 completed shows. Not all of the shows coming out these days are complete dog shit, there're plenty of watchable ones. For us we might name shows like School Rumble, Tengen Toppa, Darker than Black, Toradora, or Code Geass and just assume everyone has already seen it. But shit like Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Haikyuu, fucking Overlord and whatnot has people occupied; all of these shows are plenty memorable. Now imagine 250 more shows to choose from on top of that.

Not to mention some anons from back then have probably died or got old and left this hobby behind. I can't keep up with the times and move on to talking about anime on Discord, I only know how to post anonymously on Any Forums. This board is magnitudes slower than what it used to be. This part of the community that made some moments particularly memorable, isn't wholly here anymore.

You notice how we're not talking about it anymore? Nobody is gonna say it didn't make bank but media now more than ever is all about being as a quick and profitable as possible. Things are almost forgotten immediately after they're seen when the new hotness takes it place.

>things are more memorable when I'm younger with less to no responsibilities compared to now where I got to worry about putting food on the table
No shit.

>the board doesn't appeal to me anymore :(
Kill yourself.