Mato Seihei No Slave

Chapter 90.5 translation is out

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Thanks for the dump!
Any guesses as to when we'll see actual penetration? Or at the very least hand/blowjobs?

I knew I'd fuck up the spoiler tag at least once.

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And now I forgot to thank tlbro, so thanks again.

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Wait, so the cloning was actually Mira‘s idea?

No that would be too much for the virgins audience reading this

Living the dream.

Come to think of it, a reward hasn't forced the use of a power so far. Wonder why.

What abilities would even be beneficial for rewards? Shushu and Mira obviously. Himari and Kyouka can’t even use theirs until the reward is done. We saw a girl in chapter 1 controlling her hair, this could be interesting ...

I am cum.

Playing with portals is good, the dyke floating them around while they're going at it could be good, granny's rejuvination age play and the chick who had ghost hands iirc.

Jesus Christ


Konomi-chan wont be surpassing this

fuck, i think i have kiss/mouth/tongue/saliva fetishes

so one mira is superior to both tenka and kyouka combined, how can they even compete individually?

>Megumi, help me! This regular fodder shuuki is kicking my ass!

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Mira a shit

How is he still a virgin?

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