Hunter x Hunter

Is he Togashi's self-insert?

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For me, Kurapika x Machi will be canon.

Absolutely not, but Machi is the best girl in HxH despite being a filthy spider so I commend your taste at least.

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Was he also a hack?

Machi killing Hisoka will be canon

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idgi did he do six pages today or something?

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That's the double-spread they're redoing for the volume release. Here's the weekly version.

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These fucking scribbles are what you guys are always crying about lol even my little brother can draw better

I get that Im just unsure why he only posted 6 and 12 instead of the rest of pages like he did when he did 4 pages in one day

>Chapter 342 page 12
oh Togashi

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Biscuit is his wish fulfilment self-insert

Page 12 is the one I just posted. Put simply, Togashi is working on 402 p6, on the bottom, and they're fixing 384 p12-13, on the top.

But it says 342 on the top?

What the 342 means is unknown, but there are other things it could be like its original magazine page or whatever. Chapter 342 makes no sense, but c384 pg12 is the first page of the double-spread he's talking about working on in the tweet. At any rate it's not gonna be from 402

Does Oito mean nothing to you?

What type of society is Meteor City? Is it just similar to a post apocalyptic city?

Kurapika would sooner strangle her to death with his chains
The exact kind of underworld scum that Kurapika hates
Used goods plus she's probably going to die


Kurapika is the top

I love how Melody is the best one but she’s so fucking disgustingly ugly that nothing else matters

Yeah personality-wise she's actually perfect but her appearance is too much

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