Tokyo Mew Mew Tuesday

Would you pet this lone wolf?

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How exactly did the tickets in last weeks episode not get damaged from being underwater so long, even with having been in a pocket

No, she bites.


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Dunno who this broad is but post more of her armpits

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How do you Any Forumsnons feel about how the remake handles their characters?

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I never read or watched the original but it all seems fine to me, Lettuce still very bare bones

It definitely gives them a better service than the manga did. Mint in particular had good moments to shine in eps 5 and 6. Mermaid Lettuce was nice too.
However, the IchigoxAoyama episodes are the ones I'm skipping. I admit they're putting some effort to not make Aoyama seem TOO boring here, but it's still not enough for me to like their romantic plot. I actually think my problem is that their whole drama centers around Ichigo trying to hide her secret identity for no reason other than generic 'He'll think I'm a freak' yet she does such a shitty job at hiding her secret that she must think Aoyama is a dumbass to not figure out he has found her out already. It doesn't help I'm not invested in either of their characters to begin with.
I'm actually skipping today's episode because it'll be nothing but 'Ichigo turns into a cat' shenanigans. Both in the manga and first anime, I found that part super pointless and stupid.
Personally, I still prefer how the OG anime added fillers to give background to the characters. Pudding's episode with her siblings and the teacher is one of my favorites. But I understand the reboot is trying to stick to the manga for the most part so I should be glad there's changes to give the other girls some focus at all because Ichigo got pretty much all the spotlight in the manga.

>lone wolf
rabid, scary, and might bite you. no thanks

I'd rather pet the bird

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>Our cat is freshly groomed and ready to be petted. You'll like her

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happy mewsday fags

you hear the man where are the pits?


New ep in 5 minutes.

That's a high cut dress

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>If you really were a cat, I'd take you home with me...

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it begins

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Oh come on, cats can swim.

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This cat is too cute and is fine too

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Headpats for Minto

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This has to work, right?

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This stupid lewd cat.

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She loves it!

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Yeah that didn't make sense, come on

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Ichigo pussy is so cute.

Well she got to see her bf naked and take a bath with him, so it all works out.

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Oh no! She's in heat!

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Everybody getting headpats today

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Well this is a little awkward...

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And here it is. Ichigo can't take it.

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>Deep Blue pajamas and bedsheets


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You cannot bathe a cat without taking more precautions, they will freak out and bite/scratch the hell out of you.

This one is into it though

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